Irritated by Slow or Unresponsive Clients?5 Ways to Positively Deal With Them

If you are an organised freelancer, you know how disappointing a client who is slow to respond can be. They share their feedback after a very looooonnnng.. time. If you are a video producer, you will be tempted to think that they are experimenting with the video you produced for them first, before providing you […]

6 Promising Artificial Intelligence Tools For Freelance

Is artificial Intelligence(AI) simplifying your Freelancing business or are you scared that it will replace skills? You don’t have to be scared at all. Instead, you have to embrace it and look at different of using it to grow your business. 

3 Steps To Closing Your First Deal as a Freelancer

If you are starting up as a freelancer, you know how hard it is to close your first deal going by the fact there are hundreds of other freelancers out there who are 10x better than you. How do you get over fear that you will not succeed before you even take your first step? […]