Monthly Archive: October 2021


5 Important Things You Need To Know About Closing A Business Or Company in Kenya

If you are reading this blogpost, then it means you have resolved to close your businesses or company for reasons best known to you. Among the popular reasons why people close their companies are bankruptcy, court order, non-profitability over a long period of time, change of country of residence among others.


How To Become A Freelance Newspaper Writer And Get Paid Even While Still in College

With the way things are going on right now around the world, freelancing way of working is proving to be the best option available for businesses to thrive. Becoming a freelance newspaper writer is not hard as long as you put in time and effort to make it work out.


Comparison Between Hiring a Local Freelancer Verses International Freelancer

So, who should you go for when it comes to hiring a freelancer; local or international? This a debatable subject. What is important is when it comes to hiring is the end goal. Before, Covid-19 pandemic hit the world, online freelancing marketplace was booming.