Tips to success on hiring freelancers online


Comparison Between Hiring a Local Freelancer Verses International Freelancer

So, who should you go for when it comes to hiring a freelancer; local or international? This a debatable subject. What is important is when it comes to hiring is the end goal. Before, Covid-19 pandemic hit the world, online freelancing marketplace was booming.


Shifting Gears From Working to Hiring Fellow Freelancers

The courage to shift gears from working as a freelancer to hiring other freelancers to collaborate with you on a project requires a proper set of mind.
In this blogpost, I will point out different opportunities you should take advantage of as a freelancer and transition from Freelancing to business.


The Art of Hiring The Right Online Freelancer Fast As A First Timer

Hiring the right freelancer as a first timer for your next project calls for experience in the online marketplace. Shockingly, most online marketers makes the process sound like its a walk in the park. Well, it may be so, if you have a combined background in human resource😐 and online marketplace.


I was Almost Scammed On Reddit With a Freelance Job Offer!

As Covid-19 continue to claim lives and wreck havoc on businesses across the world, remote way of working has become the new modus operandi. Fraudulent business groups on social media are emerging everyday targeting new and existing freelancers who are desperate to make money online.