One of the ways mostly recommended to market a mobile app in App store or Google playstore is through a demo video. Now, the way you create and present the video is up to you.

The common and most effective way to do this, is by developing a professional screencast demo video. So, what is an app demo video? It’s a video demonstrating how an app works in real time. This way, interested users can watch it before downloading the application.

This is the best avenue to impress your prospects.

In this blogpost, I will show you step by step how I do it.

Step 1 – Install the App You Want to Demo

Install the app that you will like to demo on your phone. Open and preview it to make sure that everything is working well. Write a step by step script to guide you when recording the video. This is very important as the script will safe you a lot of time.

Step 2 – Download Screen Recording App

Note: For apple users, you don’t need this as most iPhones come with an inbuilt screen recorder.

There are many applications available on google play-store that you can use to record the screencast on phone. I recommend the one I use called Screen Recorder -no ads offered by Kimcy929.

download screen recorder app
Download the app

Step 3- Open the App and Adjust Recording Settings

Recording settings will vary based on your requirements. I recommend recording your video in full HD at 25 fps and 6mbps bit-rate.

screen recorder app settings
Adjust your app settings

The app allows you to record your own voice as well; so you can turn on the audio recording option. Your settings are saved automatically.

Step 4- Record Your App Demo

Note: As a rule of thumb, I recommend that you switch your phone to flight mode and use WiFi network if you need internet. This is unless you are using your mobile data for this task. This will help you focus and avoid interruptions from people calling you and messages coming in during the recording.

Library of screen recordings
Start your recording

Tab on the recording button to start. Open the target app and start your demo. Hit the recorders stop button when done with your demo. Your recording will be saved on your phone. It’s important to review the video recording before transferring it to your computer.

Step 5 – Upload Your Video To The Editor And Start Editing It

You can edit the video with virtually any video creation program. In the past, I have edited it on Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe after effects and Camtasia Studio. But to date, the easiest editor to use is Camtasia studio. The newest version of the program has more tools that simplifies the editing process. So let me take you the process of editing your video on Camtasia studio.

Upload Your Recording(s) to Camtasia Studio

Once you have uploaded the video, drag it to the timeline.

Camtasia studio video editor
Videos uploaded to Camtasia Studio

Change the canvas setting to 1920×1080 pixels.

Camtasia studio video settings
Canvas setting

Next, crop out the Black sections and resize your video to fit the screen.

crop video
Crop the black sections on the video

Search for a Mobile Phone Image on Google

mobile phone image
Mobile phone image from Google search

This is the phone that you will blend with the video to make it look like it’s a real phone in action. Download transparent .png image format for use here.

Focus Your Attention to Details

This is very important. A little miss when scaling the recording to fit into the phone screen is very noticeable when rendered. So, look Keenly into details and ensure that you achieve it perfectly.

Adjusting video to a mobile screen
Details noticeable when fitting it into the phone

Once done, you can start editing your video and removing all the choppy sections. You can add a voice over, zoom in and out and add any other necessary effects to make it nice and attractive to watch.

Learn How to Edit Video on YouTube

If you are new to editing, you can search and find several videos on Youtube teaching people how to edit with the program of your choice.

And that is it.

Now that you know the process of creating a demo video for your mobile app, you can start practicing it until you are perfect in it.

But if you are a busy professional and you have less or no time to create a professional mobile app demo videos, let me know here.

Until next time, bye bye and take care.

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