We are living in a age where everything online is customized according to a specific market. This is where a VPN comes in handy. For instance-in an e-commerce site- there might be a high demand for one product in Africa and no demand at all in US.

As a result, some products may not display in some countries where demand is low. The website URL will be the same, but at the end of the URL, after the forward slash, it will indicate your country based on your IP.


So how do you go about this if the product you are looking forward to purchase is not displaying in your country? 

What if you are a video producer and one of your prospects wants you to create screen-cast video tutorials specifically for a particular country answering the Q&A?

The answer lies around Virtual Private Network (VPN). You can unlock access using a VPN

Now here comes the problem, how can you differentiate between a secure and non-secure VPN? It’s simple, giving it a try. With hundreds if not thousands of VPN’s out in the market, downloading and trying each VPN is a lot of work. 

Besides, one of them may leave traces of bugs in your computer in the process. 

In many occasions, I have found myself downloading a VPN, using it, and uninstalling it immediately after accomplishing my task. 
But for the first time, I have kept one of the free VPN’s I recently stumbled upon.  

What surprised me was the VPN’s speed. Of all the VPN’s I have used in the past, both free and paid, none of them beats this one when it comes to speed. It’s called Tuxler. Here are 5 reasons I recommend Tuxler VPN


There is nothing exciting like a VPN connecting to a selected server at a lightning speed. If you are used to a buffering one, you will be shocked when you first install Tuxler. There is no unnecessary pop ups on your browser.    

No Several Ads Requesting You to Download an Additional Software

Normally, when you download a free VPN, during the installation , you will find several ad’s requesting you to either download an anti-virus or another software related to the VPN. This is not only alarming that bugs may be coming along with the installation; but you are left prepared for more disasters like computer crashes and more. 

Residential IP’s 

Most VPN’s do not offer residential IP’s of a given country. With Tuxler, you get this. You have over 70,000 residential IP’s to choose from every-month. You get all this for Free. 


How do you differentiate a secure and non secure VPN? It’s simple. Non-secure VPN’s have several pop ups when not in use. Also, some will cause your computer to slow down. You experience non of these with Tuxler. Their terms are very clear and straight forward. 


If you sign up as an affiliate, they regularly post tasks which you can claim and accomplish for dimes. You earn points when you accomplish a tasks. You can use the points earned to purchase premium version’s of the VPN

Lastly, they don’t hard sell on you on e-mail. They let you make the decision when using the app. Isn’t it great? 

Go try out for free here. If you like it, Come back here and share your experience. 

That is it from me.

Until next time, bye and take care. 

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