Any client, be it a newbie or experienced at hiring, have one thing in common- they are always looking for ways to save time and money. That’s exactly what a Freelance Video Production Agency does for clients when they hire them. On top of it, save them headache!

I know you are thinking, but what type of headache? I will explain this in a moment.

Lets begin with the foundations of a video. What does one need to produce a professional video? Well it depends on the type and purpose of the video. Here are 10 things that a Video Production Agency will do to save you time and headache.

Writing Powerful Scripts And Sales Copies

This is what communicates the vision of a company or rather the vision one has for his business. It has to be written is a simple and convincing tone.

While engaging a professional copywriter is essential, you as the owner of the business is in a good position to provide direction by providing an outline of your vision for the copywriter to rewrite it in an engaging manner. This is where a Freelance Agency comes in.

Hand Picking Pro Voice Overs

In instances where a video requires a professional voice over narration, an agency will help you hand pick the right voice. For a new person who have never created a video before, choosing the right voice over is quite difficult. When you engage a Video production Agency, they will not only hand pick for a the right talent, they will also enlighten you and the varieties of voice-over talents out there. e.g American, African, Indian e.t.c.

Searching And Purchasing Royalty Free Music and Sound FX

Music and sound effects are necessary in most videos as they set the mood. Not all freelancers will tell you where they got the music used in your video and whether they have the rights to use it. As a result, you video maybe be taken down a few weeks or months later after you have publicly published it due to copyright claims.

Most Freelancer Video Production Agencies will inform you upfront about the music rights, as well as where they are sourcing out the music they propose to use in your video. In-fact, they will give you an option to make the purchase yourself so that you are sure.

Constructing Easy To Follow Storyboard

While it is necessary to have a storyboard before producing any video, most video producers are creative and would rather produce the video using the script only.

This is very common in occasions where client’s budget is very small. Storyboard saves one a lot of time and money. Most Video Production Agencies will advise you to include a small fee for storyboard creation because of the benefits that comes with it.

These are four common ingredients of a professional video.

So, is this what a Video Production Agency able to provide and safe one time and headache?

Yes. But there is more. Click here to hire us today.

Managing Video Reviews And Revisions

Any video produced has to undergo a review. The review process is very necessary because little mistakes are easily sported and quickly corrected. A Video Production Agency usually offer their clients unlimited revisions for a given period of time. This is good for the client as through this, satisfaction is guaranteed.

Advising on Payments And Approvals

Once you agree on how you are going to pay the Agency, you will rest assured that you project is being taken care of. Most Agencies love when they are paid for giving value to their customers. Freelance video production Agencies are flexible and understand the modalities of online payment.

Drafting NDA’s and Contracts

Setting up contracts and NDA’s for Agencies is easy and hassle free. Most agencies have an existing NDA’s document that can be edited to suit both of parties. This will act as protection for both the Freelancer and the client.

Providing Customer Service

It doesn’t matter who responds to your e-mails so long as it’s timely done. Freelance Video Production Agencies are customer oriented. They listen to the customer requirements and addresses them fast and on time.

Easily Managing Multiple Projects

This is what differentiates an Agency and individual service providers. They can handle multiple projects at once. If you assign an agency two different projects, they are able to handle them at a go without fail. This is because of their experience and team work. They are connected to experts in each category of video editing and production.

Negotiation For Discounts

If you are a company that requires video services on a regular basis, Video Production Agencies are the best option. As you engage them on more work, you can negotiate on rates after sometime. Agencies are flexible and are willing to give discounts based on trust.

On the other hand, they negotiate with service providers connected to them for a discount in return for long term engagement.

And these are ten things that a Video Production Agency can do to save their clients time and headache.

Imagine hiring one entity to take care of everything from scripting to production? Is that not awesome?

Have you ever engaged an Agency to handle your video projects? What was your experience like? Let me know in the comments below.

And if you need help to create and produce professional videos for either marketing your business or educating your customers through your website help center, let me know here.

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Until next time, take care.

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