If you own a videography and photography services company in Kenya; then on a regular basis you fill and submit tender and prequalification documents hoping that one of them will go through.

Owing to several applications received by the tendering companies every day, new requirements are added in to beef up security and eliminate the many applications.

In this blogpost, I will take you through some of the newest requirements when submitting dully filled tender documents via the government IFMIS portal.

While some of the requirements are good for the tendering companies, its bad news for small businesses as some of these requirements are paid. Here 3 latest shocking ones.

Kenyan Entrepreneur? Here is Why You are Not Getting Prequalified For Tenders

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Here is one tender document for provision of Production of Video documentary that had this requirement mandatory. It was turn off for me.

Screenshot from Tender document

It will cost Ksh.1000 to have your company documents stamped by an advocate. Secondly, the whole procedure of getting the documents stamped will not be done online.

Most young entrepreneurs in the videography and photography category are very creative and can mobilize resources to produce a quality documentary. However, they will he locked out because they cannot afford to pay a commissioner of oaths.

Procuring entities should have a leeway for youths and people with disabilities when it comes to some of the mandatory requirements.

This is because none is assured of getting the tender even after paying the price to get the documents stamped and signed.

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Provide Evidence of Stable Internet Bandwidth

With good fiber optic infrastructure in place across Kenya, anyone can get high speed internet installed and connected to them in the shortest time possible.

Internet speed

Requiring a company to provide evidence of stable internet connection should not be mandatory. Even if at the time of submitting the tender, the Tenderer is using low speed internet, they can quickly upgrade if they are awarded the tender.

In my opinion, this is unnecessary unless the tendering company is focused on hiring a very established supplier.

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Provide Evidence of Insurance Cover

This includes; Indemnity against risk or Workman Injuries Benefit Cover (WIBA). Insurance is good especially in a workplace.

But imagine this scenario; an entrepreneur has taken an insurance cover for a whole year and never got any tender awarded to them. Do you think he/she will renew it again? Hell no.

I am referring here to the less established businesses. They will first look for contracts. And once they have an ongoing contract in place, they will then consider paying for an insurance cover.

Practically, this requirement should come after one has been awarded the contract. Simple.

This way, the tenderer will have no excuse when it comes to insurance cover. And that is it from me here.

What is that one tender requirement that has lately shocked you and made you discouraged to apply?

Let me know in the comments section below.
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Until next time, bye bye and take care.

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