If you are starting up as a freelancer, you know how hard it is to close your first deal going by the fact there are hundreds of other freelancers out there who are 10x better than you.

How do you get over fear that you will not succeed before you even take your first step? How do you compete with other qualified freelancers and emerge the best in the business?

You see,

At end of the day, you have to make more sales. With time, you will want to concentrate on high value contracts. To get your feet on the ground, here are 3 steps to closing your first deal even if you have no experience at all.

Research on Your Clients’ Requirements And Address them in Your Cover Letter

This may sound obvious but most people fail to do it right. Serious clients searching for freelancers will prefer to work with someone who addresses the pain points of the problem in their cover letter. Stick to the topic of the job.

In this day and age, or rather in the freelancing world, no one cares if you have 10 years of experience…all they want is someone who is ready to solve their problem faster- and get paid. Stick to that. Tell them how you are going to do it. Be brief.

Offer to Speak to Your Prospect on Call

This only comes in handy if a client shows interest in your proposal by messaging you. scheduling a call is convenient to someone who is busy and not ready to have e-mail exchanges back and forth. Demonstrate that you are confident enough about the job on offer by proposing to have a call. Majority of clients, are willing to get on call with you in the time that you propose.

Ask Them to Close the Deal to Enable You Start

Now, I know this sounds very unusual to many but it works. Don’t wait for the client to close the deal, ask them to do so once they have provided you with all the required information. Be polite while doing so. This works best when you set a deadline. Don’t let them assume and wait for you to work without a contract in place. It is risky as it may not end up well. Them putting money on escrow demonstrates commitment.

And that is it from me today.

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Until next time, bye, bye and take care.

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