When planning to produce a professional video to be published online, its important to plan.

If you have little time on your side to plan, engage a freelance video producer to help you out. Processes vary depending on the kind of video you will be producing.

Watch Video- 5 Step Process To Producing A Professional Online Video

In this blogpost, I will share with you five common steps that creatives follow in all their video productions.

Ideation & Script

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A video always starts with an idea. By the time you decide to produce a video, you have an idea of what you want to communicate or share. The best way to solidify your idea is to write it down in form of a script.

By writing a script, you will be able to solidify your idea and make necessary adjustments before the actual recording. This is in reference to the final video output.

The script will also shape how you will do the presentation.

Collecting Video Assets

What assets will you need to make your video presentation worthwhile? Will you need to record yourself talking in case its a vlog? Will you need to record computer screen to demonstrate a software or website service to your audience?

If you don’t have video recording equipment’s, again consider hiring a freelance videographer to help you out on this.

All this are called video assets in video production. Its also worth mentioning the use of free photos and videos available online if you have little budget for your production.

Getting The Right Sound And Video Quality

Sound and video quality matters and it will determine how your message will be received by those who will watch the video. Do you have good equipment to capture them well? If you can’t achieve the best video quality, make sure the sound quality is right.

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This way, whoever is watching can get your message very clearly. Plan this well by choosing a good location to record your video. Outdoors will be ideal if you don’t have good lighting equipment. Also, if you are you are using inbuilt microphone for camera or phone, ensure that the environment you are in have minimal background noise.

If your video presentation requires a voice over, record a very clear voice using a professional mic. Its worth noting that phones nowadays have the capability of recording very good quality voice over.

Video Editing

This is the another important and final step. Make your editing seamless by ensuring that your video sequence arrangement on the timeline delivers your message clearly to your target audiences.

If you are hiring a professional video editor, instruct them to minimize flashy animations unless its necessary.

People today are looking for straight forward videos that shares the message in the shortest time possible. Try to cut down all unnecessary information and share what you want your audience to know.

Limit yourself on edits that will take a lot of time to complete. This is unless you will be re-using them in your future videos.

All these can be done by a video editor when instructed.

Getting Better With Time

You will not get everything right on the first day. Every time you produce your videos, you will spot some minor mistakes in it. Note them done and implement the fixes in your next video.

With time, the quality of your productions will be the best. Be creative and try out new ideas by implementing them in your videos.


Perfection should be your ultimate goal. Every little change that you make to improve your videos will compound with time. Those who notice the improvements you make will appreciate and support your work.

And that is it from me.

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