Most freelancers would rather work under the clients terms and overlook theirs. Well, that has been the way all along. I mean, even educational institutions teach people this – work ethnics, how to retain your job and climb up the corporate ladder e.t.c

But have you ever attempted and reverse this psychology using the freedom that Freelancing offers?

Well with proper planning, it is possible. That’s how highly paid freelancers do and it thus makes them stand out.

In this blogpost, I will share with you 5 things you should do in order to make your prospect work in your own terms and love you more.

Watch Video: 5 Things That Will Make Clients Work in Your Own Terms

Master Your Craft

Any person who has mastered his/her own craft stands out from the crowd. Be the master of your own. Now- the secret lies on the time when the opportunity is presented to you. ‘Show don’t tell’ rule applies here. Let the client be wowed by your deep knowledge and understanding in the field they are hiring for. Don’t leave anything to chance. Find your clients sweet spot based on their job post in the freelancing site of your choice. This way, he/she will be wanting to know more about you or your Agency.

Clearly Outline Your Approach

After you have shared briefly about yourself, start addressing his/her need and how you plan to go about it. Be as detailed and clear as possible. From this, they can gauge whether it suits them or not. When outlining your approach, indicate the timelines for each item as well as each milestone. E.g scripting – 2 days- $250 It might be helpful to share a simplified workflow from previous projects.

Don’t Quote Cheap Because You Want the Job

If you are a Top rated Freelancer or a Freelancing Agency, and you quote low, big companies will not take you seriously. Provide a reasonable quote and let the client know that you are not working alone. Mention the people in your team, who will be working with you on the project.

This way, the client will not think that you will be working on it alone.

Make Your Terms Clear in Your Proposal

At that point in your proposal where you are sure the prospect is impressed by your work, introduce them to your terms service.

Inform them that these terms are very important and it enables you to deliver high quality service to them on time without any delays or excuses. Your assurance to solve their problem hassle free is what will inspire them to hire you.

If they hire you, it means they have agreed to work on your own terms. And they will be excited to do so.

Tell them what to Expect

Even though the client already know what they want, still, tell them. Add some bonuses to the deliverable’s. This will raise their eyebrows. Do everything to ensure you win the contracts. That should always be your aim.


Making a client work on your own terms is not a crime. Most of them like it that way because they can penalize you if you fail to meet some of their terms. If you have mastered your craft, your terms will work in your favor and you will stand out as the highest paid Freelancer or Agency.

And that is it.

If you need help to create and produce professional screen-cast video tutorials for your website, software or app, let me know here.

Until next time, bye bye and take care. You can follow me on all social media networks @cheptionymutai

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