Search engines like Google and Bing rank business online based on several factors. Biggest among them is content. If you are able to share your message in different content formats, then you rank higher.

So, what type of content do you need in order to achieve high ranking?

Well, it depends on the ‘keyword density‘ in the content you share as that is what search engines use to rank business websites.

On this blogpost, I will share with you, 6 types of content that you need to consider when planning to market your business online for a long term.

#1 Themed Blogposts

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Themed blogposts is among the biggest contributor to high rankings on search through keywords. To get started, buy a domain name and start a blog. The best platform to run a blog is WordPress owing to its popularity. Your journey will begin once you publish your first blogpost. With your own blog, you have the freedom to write articles in a style that you want.

What I have learnt from experience blogging is; writing consistently and sticking to one theme will compound in time in terms of “keywords‘ and give you the best results you are looking for. Repeatedly writing content using the keywords around your business will contribute to high keyword density hence high ranking on the search engines.

Note: You don’t have to setup a separate blog aside your business website. You can have a blog page on your business website where you share informative content with your audience around your business.


Photos play a big role in content ecosystem. It can be used in graphic designs for flyers, digital cards or on your blogposts as featured image. Also, if you are sharing your content on social media, you can use photos to make it trustworthy.


Not everyone is a good reader. Some people prefer to watch videos. That is why its important to consider creating videos to complement your blogposts and post them on YouTube or any other social media platform. It is not a must that you write blogposts, but I recommend you do if you are serious about growing your business.

Videos will generate results if your story is well grafted. You build trust with customers through videos as they will be able to see your face and know the owner of the business they are interested in.

Graphics Designs

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You will need different graphics designs for marketing your business on social media. The graphic designs can be in form of posters or images with text in it. You only come up with different designs that suit your current needs.

Among the common graphics you will need in this process include;

  • Blog featured image
  • Social media poster
  • Digital flyers
  • YouTube video thumbnail and more.

Podcast Content

Having podcasts as part of your marketing content will help popularize your business. Though it is not common, it contributes largely in boosting your search online.

For instance if you are hosting a video interview with someone online for sharing as video content, you can repurpose the same to podcast. The only thing you will need to change is the intro to suite podcasts standards.

If you have time and budget, consider creating podcasts around your business.

Sales letters

People use sales letters subconsciously every day. Lets start with your business website landing page. It’s a sales copy. Every e-mail that you send to prospects has the power to either build and bring down your business. That qualifies it to be called a sales letter. Before you write one, ask yourself, what story/narrative style will turn a prospect to a customer?

A well grafted e-mail copy with a call to action at the end should be your aim. Use case studies, stories, testimonials e.t.c. Take your time to write and have the customer in mind.

When writing a sales letter leverage on other business content like a blogpost on a case study, a video, audio, graphics e.t.c. to drive the message home.

And these are the 6 type of content you need to start considering to market your business online.


There is no right time to start marketing your business online. The right time is now. Start where you are and build your resilience from there. Before sharing anything, brainstorm first. If you like writing, you can start sharing your content by signing up for WordPress free blog or any other blogging platform that has the free offer for starters.

If video blogging is the easy way for you, you can start by recording it on your phone and sharing it on social media.

You are the only best marketer of your business. No one does it better than you.

If you need help to develop content for your business from blogging, photography, video creation, graphics designs, podcasts and sales letters, do not hesitate to reach out to me here. I can help you.

And for those people looking for help to produce video specific content, do not hesitate to request a quote on

And until next time, bye bye and take care.

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