Online service delivery is proving to be very efficient and convenient in Kenya. 2 years ago, you could not get an e-mail reply from many of the government institutions’ websites if you contacted them via their contact form. That’s still the case today in a some of them.

Watch Video – Kenyan Websites That Topped My List in 2021

I used and reviewed some of the Kenyan websites in 2021 which include government, parastatals and banks. Based on my experience, all of them got good rating when it came to resolving issues related to their services.

On this blogpost, I will highlight some of the top sites and mobile applications which many Kenyans use on their daily basis. Almost all of the services that I am going to review here saved me a great deal in 2021.

Mpesa App

I love this app for what it does. Let me start with its ability to allow users to transact globally. Some of the clients I work with reside in different parts of the world and pay me using Paypal. Being able to receive payments from PayPal in minutes to Mpesa with good exchange rate is great deal.

Paypal to Mpesa and vice versa

Inside the app, you can see the link to either top up PayPal or Withdraw money from PayPal. The process is as easy as paying a bill. Also, you will receive your money within few minutes.
The second beautiful thing I love about Mpesa app is being able tag expenses each time you spend. E.g when you pay for shopping, you can tag the expense as ‘shopping.’
At the end of the month, you will be able to see how much money you spent on shopping. This really helps in managing expenses and being accountable.

The third feature I have been using and love is the Mpesa mini-apps. The mini-apps within the Mpesa app is quite convenient to those using the app. E.g With mini-apps, am able to book a flight, train, buy electricity tokens, pay for insurance e.t.c.

If you are someone who is looking for ways to save time and money, then you will enjoy using Mpesa App for the convenience that it brings.

KRA iTax Portal

KRA iTax portal
KRA iTax portal services

KRA iTax portal is another very convenient website for me that I use in filling my monthly Tax returns.

I visited the iTax portal a lot in 2021 to file returns, request for waiver, update my personal information and more. The portal really saved me time and money.
You don’t have to pay someone to help you file returns if you have little transactions every month. It’s easy to file returns once you learn how to do it.
One can use iTax portal to file returns, generate payment receipts’, clear all penalties associated with their PIN and more.

Also, I used the portal to request for a Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC).

For more information on the tasks you can accomplish on the kRA iTax portal, here is blogpost that I wrote on 10 things you can do there.

Business Registration Portal (BRS)

Business Registration Services
Register Business in Kenya

This is a site I like when it comes to registering and managing my businesses.

On BRS portal, I was able to update my registered businesses’ contact information directly on the portal. Also, I updated the beneficiaries of my company as per companies act 2015.

At the the comfort of your home, you can apply and pay for business registration on the BRS portal today.

Office of The Attorney General(AG) Portal

This is the site for requesting company closure or strike off.

Closing a company in Kenya

Towards the end of the year 2021, I initiated the process of striking off Trendline Network Ltd here. You can access the portal on the address
When you make an application to strike off your company, it will take up 5 days to be reviewed. It will either be approved or rejected.

Kenya Gazette Weekly
Kenya Gazette Weekly

Kenya Law

You can find useful resources related to law on Kenya law website.

I found this site last year when looking for the weekly Kenya Gazette publication. The Gazette is free to download on the site.
After my application for company strike off was approved, I was advised to regularly check the weekly Kenya Gazette, for the first publication on the first month, and the last publication after 90 days.
Kenya Law website has been very helpful to me when following up on company closure.

NHIF Portal

NHIF Self Care Services

NHIF selfcare portal was very helpful to me in 2021. After many years of not paying for my medical insurance, In 2021, I was able to finally update my personal data via the NHIF self care portal.
Also, I was able to change the outpatient hospital via the portal.

It’s easy and secure to use NHIF online services besides being able to do everything at home.

Ardhisasa Portal

I did a review of ArdhiSasa portal in 2021 and published it here. During the review, I tried different things on the site and I was contented with the portal speed and ease of use.

Ardhisasa Kenya Review
Ardhisasa Kenya Review

On Ardhisasa, you can search and transfer property, order a plan and order a tittle of any property in Nairobi county. They say they aim to expand the service to contain land information from all other counties in Kenya.

Online Banking Service

KCB online banking services
KCB online banking services

I signed up for online banking with Diamond Trust Bank (DTB), KCB Bank and I &M Bank owing to the fact that I have an account with the banks.
My experience with their online banking services was satisfying. I was very happy with each one of them.

They embrace 2 factor authentication which is a good practice when it comes to safety online.
With the introduction of online banking in Kenya, customers now have an additional option of transacting money from their bank accounts when other options fails or are not available.

From transacting over the bank counter, using mobile short codes, debit and credit cards and bank mobile apps; one is not limited on how they can transact.


Technology is proving to be the effective in many sectors of the economy in Kenya.
Being able access many of these services online anywhere across Kenya is a good thing. This is the way to go for many small and big companies/businesses.

And that is it from me on the 8 Top Sites and Apps I Used Most in 2021.

If you need help to create video reviews for websites, apps or software’s, you can request a free quote on

Until next time, bye bye and take care.

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