Dealing With Difficult Clients -4 Ways to Go Around It

There is nothing stressful like dealing with a difficult client. In most occasions, you get into business dealings with them while you are in your happy mode. In fact, when they share details about what they want done for them, you are quick to accept. Now, you have started work as agreed, and submitted your draft for them to review. This is where you realize that the client is quite difficult to deal with.

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Even though he/she doesn’t mention it anywhere, you can sense from their comments that something is not right. Their behavior keeps you in a puzzle. They are not particular on anything. For instance, they may say there is a glitch in the video without indicating which minute the glitch is originating from. When you reply and ask them to be specific, they either keep quite or they respond with another new issue without addressing the former.

Such clients make producers’ work difficult by not communicating clearly. If you find yourself in such situation; what will you do? Will you ask the client to close the contract and hand it over to someone else? Or will you find a way to advise your client to help you out (through feedback) to correct the mistakes? Here are 3 ways to overcome this hurdle.

Understand That There is No Difficult Client – It’s You Who is Difficult

If a client agrees to award you a contract, it means they love your work. Now, you should be creative enough to resolve issues that arise while working on the contract. Never accept defeat unless the client himself gives up on you for failing to be answerable. Be that person who never mix business with emotions. Sometimes, the client maybe telling you the truth but you don’t want to accept it.

Find New Approaches to Get Your Client Provide a Clear Feedback

Google (through it’s products) have made this easy for everyone. You can create an excel sheet or Google docs file and advise your client to use the same in providing feedback. This way, you can monitor progress by striking out resolved comments. Be the initiator. You can create a table with segments to motivate the client to simplify his/her comments. e.g one column maybe for them to enter time-codes and another one for comments related to that time-code.

Brief Them When You Find Difficulty Understanding Their Comments

We all look at things differently thus our understanding vary. It thus means that the client will provide their brief and feedback in the best way they know. Be open if you find difficulty understanding. Make suggestions on the best way they can do it. Most of them are willing to listen to you and do it your way. Those who want things done their way will go a step further to teach you how.

Be Patient And Wait For Them To Communicate Back

Difficulty with clients varies. For instance, some have a problem with communication. They take long to respond because of their busy schedule. They can go a whole week without communicating back. Don’t give up so fast. Give them time to respond. But follow up if they don’t after every 2 days to remind them.

As they say, there are many ways to kill a bird. Keep going and never let any negative feedback or bad communication bar you from delivering your best.

And that is it from me today.

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Till next time, bye bye and take care.

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Cheptiony Mutai

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