As we come to the end of the year 2019, many freelancers are reflecting on how the year was and putting down their resolutions for the coming year 2020.

One of the driving forces behind putting down the new year resolutions is the ‘misfortunes that begot us’ in the past. In most occasions, the misfortunes is as a result of our negligence to small things that contribute largely to success.

While some believe that ‘new year resolutions’ idea is a scam concept engineered by motivational experts to grow their businesses, to an extent, its effective if you apply it your own way without following anyone’s script.

With this said, what many freelancers don’t always realize is that 80% percent of their bad luck is as a result of using pirated software’s to accomplish their work. Now, if you read this post to the end, you will be able to figure out the 80% that I am talking about.

Fact is, almost all work done online relies on using a certain software to complete the job. And what does many freelancers use? Counterfeit software’s to complete the job.

That is why I think purchasing software license should be one of your biggest 2020 resolution.

In this blogpost, I will share with you five reasons you should prioritize purchasing licences to all the software’s that you use in all your work.

Also, I will also tell you why this will help appreciate what you are doing more.

Success Lies On Using Genuine Software

I have been a victim of pirated software for years. Many IT experts who help install software’s in your computer are the main cause of this.

You will pay them, and they will install cracked or torrent software in your computer. Owing to the trust you have on them(IT expert in your area), you don’t find out if the software is genuine or not.

When it hangs and crashes, and you call the IT expert who installed it for you, they tell you that its your computer which is slow and needs some upgrade. Other will say its a virus infection.

Here they will recommend that you purchase an antivirus that they sell. At the end of the day, you will have wasted a lot of time trying to resolve an issue with your computer. Besides, the IT expert will be making money out of your ignorance without any resolution.

In fact, you may find yourself wanting to purchase another computer. In many years that I have been tricked into this, I have found myself in an endless loop of wanting to purchase a new computer, a new software which in turn got me no where. I mean, you will be broke spending all your money in something not related to the problem being solved.

Learning to acquire, install and resolve issues with software’s installed in your computer you use for work is very important.

When you do so, you will be able to quickly resolves issues before they get out of hand.

Purchasing Genuine Software’s is Connected to Good Luck

In the spiritual realm, good luck and success come hand in hand with gratitude. When you purchase genuine software’s, you are expressing gratitude to the genius developer who created the software.

And whenever you do so , good things comes back to you. So if you want good luck in your freelancing business, put your house in place by getting a genuine software before going out to look for work.

That way, you will be confident in assuring the client that they will get what you promise.

Peace of Mind

We all work in order to make money. When we have money enough to gather for our personal needs, our minds are at peace. This is the same with purchasing genuine software’s. You will have peace of mind.

You will work knowing that if the system crashes regularly as a result of using the software, you will have someone experienced to help you out.

Since the major interest of the developer is your success, they will help you resolve the issue amicably without tricking you to purchase another plugin or hardware to support it. In this case, the help you will receive will save you a lot of money.

Quality Assurance

In any case, before you invest your money in anything, you are aware of all the qualities they offer. Now, what I have found out over years is that pirated software’s or torrents do not deliver what the developer promises.

That is why you will be lied into thinking that your RAM is not enough, your windows is good thus your computer needs formatting and many more.

I can tell you for sure that genuine software’s rarely hang or crashes. If it crashes and you send the crash report to the developer, in few days, you will receive a notification that there is an update. That update will resolve your problem.

So, when I compare the performance of a torrent software and non torrent software installed in the same computer, I am amazed by the performance and quality it delivers. It’s out of this world.

I now love and enjoy my work more.

Show of Commitment to Your Success

We all do what we do because we trust it will lead us to success. Now the question is, what shows you are really committed in succeeding? Having the knowledge in what you do is half the journey.

So investing money to purchase genuine software despite knowing that you can get counterfeit software is showing full commitment.

There is no guarantee that you will get job when you purchase genuine software, but why not purchase it anyway?

There are many more things that comes along with owning a software licence. You will be proud to say you are a freelancer.

My question is, do you own a genuine software that you use in your Freelancing business? Do you know if the software you are using is genuine?

Let me know in the comments section below.

And if you need help to edit video or develop video content for sharing on your website, let me know here.

Until next time, take care.

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