How To Edit Video With Camtasia Studio 2022

How To Edit Video With Camtasia Studio 2021

In this video I am going to be showing you how to edit videos with Camtasia studio 2022.

New Features on Camtasia Studio 2022

  1. The Camtasia welcome screen is new. Here you can access new projects, templates, learning resources, and more.
  2. Automatic cursor replacement. Camtasia automatically replaces the cursor in your recordings.
  3. Cursor Path Editing. It’s now possible to Edit, delete, or add cursor paths to Camtasia recordings or images as you desire.
  4. Visual effects. These include blend mode, spotlight, and outline edges.
  5. New visually appealing transitions.
  6. Simplified export windows.

Download and try Camtasia studio 2022 today here.

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Cheptiony Mutai

Cheptiony Mutai is the founder and author of this blog. By profession, he is video producer and an online entrepreneur working and living in Kenya.

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