Every freelancer working from home always wake up in the morning with one ultimate goal; to perform optimally and give their best in in their work. When one is in a position to consistently perform flawlessly, they will be more happier and fulfilled.

So what will it take to achieve this considering the conditions surrounding working from home?

In order for one to start their journey to high performance, they have to first look at what led them to poor performance.

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In this blogpost, I will focus on 3 areas in life that presents long term challenges while working from home.


Unlike working in the office where you are able to interact with colleagues, working from home is lonely to many. It follows that the only place that freelancers interact with their collaborators is via video chat, call, e-mail or messaging apps.

Creatives in the digital media space is one group of freelancers who go through moments of solitude as they build their brand.

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In order to succeed in these scenarios, freelancers have to take personal responsibility. As a freelancer, you are the captain of your ship.

Ways to Deal with Solitude

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  1. Set Goals – Goals will motivate you to look forward to the next day with lots of enthusiasm. Your goals must be aligned to solving the ‘solitude‘ state that you are currently in. When you have goals set, you will feel more vibrant when working from home alone.
  2. Prioritize Family time – Covid-19 Pandemic and hard times has proven to many that the ONLY people who will stand with you when everyone is gone is your immediate family. Spend more time with them when not working and build a strong bond. Having a family is a blessing.
  3. Build a Mastermind Network– If you love say travelling, hiking, or partying once a week, find responsible guys or fellow freelancers with the same hobbies. Plan to regularly meet and share. In order to achieve the best results on this, be wise in your approach and do it consistently. Use apps like meetup or join social media groups to connect and kickstart your journey.

4. Start a Relationship – This is for the single freelancers. When working from home, meeting people physically is difficult. Be open to try different social media networks and dating platforms to meet new people. You just can never know!


Your health is important. Sitting the whole day in your chair while working can lead to severe health problems like back pain, eye irritations, neck pain, arm and wrist pain and more. If these conditions are not diagnosed early, it may lead to serious damages to your body.

In order to solve health issues arising from sitting most of the time while working from home, keenly establish the route cause of the problem that you are having. Here is how I have diagnosed some of these problems.

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  1. Back and arm pain – This is mostly caused by the chair that you are sitting on. According to spine-health.com ”It’s important to have an office chair that’s ergonomic and that supports the lower back and promotes good posture to avoid developing or compounding back problems.” You can innovate ways to achieve this by adding a cushion behind your chair to support your back and see how it goes. Read more here on choosing the right chair for your office.
  2. Irritations on your eyes – This is mainly caused by the refresh rate of your computer screen. I recommend you acquire a modern monitor or computer as it has been optimized for the eyes. It adjusts according to the environment you are working in. Secondly, schedule breaks in between your workday of 10-20 mins after 1 hour of sitting. This will help you relax your eyes from looking at the screen for a long time besides getting little time to stretch and allow blood to flow uniformly through your body.
  3. Body Health – Lack of physical activity is the biggest of course of many health problems today. When you are working from home, your general health is at risk if you don’t exercise. It is therefore good to have a consistent schedule for exercising. You can do this from home or you can choose to pay for membership in your nearest gym.


Diet is directly linked to your health. Eating healthy therefore should be part of your ultimate goal. Sample different types of food to find the ones that you like.

According to WHO, a healthy diet helps to protect against malnutrition in all its forms, as well as noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer.

What you eat will determine how you feel all through the day. When working from home, there is a tendency to feed on snacks when on breaks. Most snacks nowadays contain a lot of sugar. It is therefore necessary that you moderate the amount of snacks you take during the day.

Of course drinking a lot of water should come in here as part of your healthy diet.

How you deal with solitude, health and diet will determine your overall daily performance and sucess in your freelancing business.


While your financial state is another accelerator to your well being, the areas discussed above should come first. Finances tends follow a happy and healthy freelancer. Heathy freelancer does more with less effort.

Is there any other area that freelancers should focus on and thus optimize their performance and achieve more? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Until next time, bye bye and take care.

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