Its accessible on Through this portal, you can make payments for any public service easily and quickly. If you live and operate your business within the Nairobi County- then you might be aware of Nairobi eServices Portal after having received an SMS from them.

If you live and operate your business within the Nairobi County- then you might be aware of Nairobi eServices Portal after having received an SMS from them.

Nairobi eServices Portal

It is aims to serve tech savvy people time which they could have spent queuing and waiting to be served in the county offices within Nairobi area.

In this blog post, I will be reviewing the Nairobi eServices Portal.

Registration Process

In order to start accessing the services via the Nairobi eServices Portal, you need to create an account. You can create an account as an individual or a business. The first step is choosing your Citizenship then entering your National ID serial number then clicking next.

Signing up on Nairobi eServices Portal

As an individual, you will be required to enter your mothers first name as per the ID. I guess this is aimed at locking out fraudulent users who may attempt using other people’s credentials to sign up. Next, enter your KRA PIN and click register.

On the new screen, create a password and check on the small box to complete your sign up process. From here, you can proceed and choose the service you are looking for.

In Demand Services

In demand services are the services that you need in order to successfully carry out your day to day business activities. These includes Paying for parking within the CBD, obtaining permits for social events within the city, business licensing, public health management, payments for county properties and more.

Services on Nairobi eServices Portal

These are few among the many services that you can access on Nairobi eServices portal. This in my opinion is a good move by the county government to make paying for in demand services easy.

Communication and Support

You can get support easily incase you get stuck while signing up on the portal or proceeding to make payments for any of the listed services. You can write to them a message , send them an e-mail or give them a call using the contact information provided on the contacts page.

Before you contact support, it’s always good you check on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for answers.

Parking Management

Once you have signed in to the portal, you can choose a parking package. This includes daily, seasonal, off-street and reserved parking. For the service that you choose, you will be prompted to enter Vehicle Number plate and the Parking Zone. Then enter your MPESA number and an M-pesa payment request shall display on your phone. Enter your M-pesa PIN and click OK.

There is USSD option where users can make payments by dialing *647#.

You can view all these services and more by visiting their Website on

If you get stuck in the process of signing up or trying to get a particular service on the portal, again, I recommend that you go to the FAQ page first.

Its important to note that the Nairobi eService Portal is managed by the Kenya Revenue Authority(KRA).

I hope this review was helpful to you.

Have you tried accessing Nairobi Services via this portal? How was you experience like? You can share your feedback in the comments section below.

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Until next time, bye bye and take care.

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