Like mathematics, video editing needs a formula which is different based on the software you are using to edit your videos. If you are new to video editing with Camtasia studio, the formula I am going to share with you here is going to save you a lot of time in editing your YouTube videos.


In this blogpost I will share with you the simple formula I use in editing and creating videos for clients and myself.

It is important to note that the reason people edit videos is to communicate the message in the shortest time possible. How best can the story be shared? It all starts with a script.


Effective communication starts with a plan in form of an outline or a script. If you are working for a client, its recommended that you request for an outline or a script for use in video editing. This will be your guide as a video editor.

Script outline

It gives you an idea of what the client wants to communicate. If its your video, then come up with an outline in point format so that you can save time when recording and producing the video. This way, you will know if the information you are sharing is making sense.

With a script or a project outline ready, you can now start producing your videos. Let’s now focus on the formula.


This usually comes first. What is the video about? The viewer need to know what the video is about so as to decide if the video is right for them or not. This is key. In Camtasia studio, you can modify and use existing ‘premade motion graphics templates’ under library or create your own custom titles.

Video Titles

If you are working on a project repeatedly, its best to create a library for your custom titles. This way you can easily import them to your timeline when working on a new video.

Background Music

Its good to have background music especially if you are having titles in between the video displaying for 3-5 seconds with no narration or voice over. Before starting to edit your video, find a suitable music that you will use on the background.

Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts will save you a lot of time. For instance, instead of clicking on a video and then moving your cursor to click on split icon. The easiest way to do this is to click on the video then tab on CTRL+S on your keyboard and the video will be split. Learn and master the shortcuts one by one.

Adjust Audio Volume Accordingly

You will need to know how to add and adjust audio points. This is key when having a background music playing all through your videos. This way you can raise and lower the music volume as you wish.

Audio volume adjustments

Animate titles or Add Transitions

Adding transitions is easy. You can therefore start with transitions as a newbie then advance to learning custom animations as you edit and produce more videos. Animated titles are always professional.

Video Transition

You can create a couple of animated titles and save them on your Camtasia studio library. Great brands use and reuse animated titles i.e logo, lower thirds e.t.c. This finally becomes their brand identity.

Sound Effects

This is a bonus. Its not necessary unless you are a pro in video production. Sound effects requires a lot of accuracy. The effect or transition you apply needs to match with the sound. If you have enough time, you can add sound effects to your video.

When you know how to do the things I have listed above, then you have the formula at your fingertips. When you insert or create each item as needed when editing your video on the timeline, you will save a lot of time.

Did I miss anything in my formula? Let me know in the comments section below.

That’s it from me here. Until next time, take care. Follow me on twitter @cheptiony

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