The subject of faith, religions and beliefs is a debatable subject today depending on where in the world you come from. In the midst of the many different religious sects in the world, prosperity is the biggest selling ‘commodity’ used by evangelizers to spread their gospel.

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With internet here with us, the religious industry is concentrated with all kinds of gurus claiming to show people the secret to ‘attracting money, making money gaining fame, becoming wealthy, e.t.c. They know that most people are constantly looking for new ways to make money thus they have positioned themselves to solve their problem of money using the practices they propose.

For instance, in Africa, Christianity, Catholicism and Muslim religions are widespread. People will relate and trust an individual more when they introduce themselves as a born again Christian. But is this all that an individual needs in order to gain a following?

Yes, if they use the right keywords common in most churches to command response from the congregation or followers like ‘praise God’ lord be with you you.. e.t.c. It is even more effective if the presentation is done on video. You and I know that anyone can start and build an audience through video online.

With the keyword search for ‘making money or attracting money‘ among the most searched topics online today, one can easily become a victim of self made Gurus in that niche. More and more people will want to consume these content if they are coupled with biblical facts or ancient religious practices related to Christianity. The world we are living in right now is saturated with facts about religion. You can find answer to anything online.

Below is a video of one Youtuber claiming that rubbing hands with gridded cinnamon and salt will help one attract money to their life. Have a look.

This presentation is from a Catholic Reflections Youtube channel. If you watch the video from the beginning, the presenter starts by greeting the viewers in the name Jesus, then goes on to preach the word of God a little bit before introducing her topic of the morning ritual that helps one attract money.

Do you think Christians are convinced by such presentations as hers? absolutely yes they are, but not all. Her target audience are Christians. If a Christian is looking for ways to make money and watches this video, he/she might be convinced.

But, Is This True or Acceptable in Christian Faith?

The answer to this depends on the religious sect you belong to and the region in the world you are coming from. For example, in the religion that I belong to, this will be categorized as idol worship which is forbidden by the 10 commandments in the bible.

Exodus 20:3 says “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”

Shifting your believe in God as the provider and starting to believe in salt and cinnamon for financial breakthrough is not encouraged.

This takes me to the next item in my list.

Attracting Money With Money Plant

Money plant is a succulent indoor type of plant that comes is various types. It is associated with prosperity and nourishment. Chinese Feng Shui practitioners think very highly about the money plant. People believe that if the person owning this tree can grow it and take care of it well, they will have even more good luck.

Practitioners have clear instructions on where to place the money plant and how to attend to it for maximum benefits. e.g Placing in the south east side of your room means you will have high possibility of attracting more good luck to yourself. This idea is based on Feng shui compass.

Having had money plant in my house in the past for close to 3 years, I think the claim is true as long as you believe that the plant will bring you good luck. Also, you must be around your home all the time to attend to the plant less it dies. If it dies, your financial luck dies. This is scary if you think about it deeply.

Again, is this acceptable in the Christian or any other faith? Yes and No depending on how you support your argument. Plants are Gods creation and we have a responsibity to take care of them.

Downsides of These Methods

The two examples of practices I have shared with you above gives you a picture of how much influence some practices have on an individuals faith. If you search on Youtube, you will find several types of these videos including the Money plant presentations. The presenters make these practices look easy to the viewer or reader that one would not hesitate to practice them.

However, practicing these without thinking about its downsides may get you in trouble in a long run. For instance, in the cinnamon and salt secret to attracting money, one is required to rub the salt and cinnamon on their hands every morning for them to attract money.

What happens when you travel far away and forget the cinnamon at home and cant find some in where you go to? Will your attracting money powers die?

On the other hand, it is believed that money plant will stop attracting wealth if one stops attending to it or if it dries up for lacking water.

In life, you need to attract other things to your life apart from money. Does this mean you will have to practice something else to fulfil this purpose? Think about it.

Now, lets look at the bigger picture.

The Big Picture

Keeping several things for various faith purposes in your house is overwhelming especially if you are a busy person. At some point you will forget some and the consequences of abandoning them will hit you back based on the faith you had in them.

In a country like Kenya where most people are christians, catholics and muslims and have some things in common about God, it will be really hard to keep up with these practices of attracting money. In a long run if you practice them, you will find yourself the odd one out.

Even though the question of faith is a very debatable subject across the world; the idea of believe in one invisible God still stands. We all have different believe histories. Some have retained their traditional belief in God while others have embraced the western model of believe because of the good that it comes with.

All in all, the believe in one supernatural God as the source of everything is easy to practice. You don’t need to practice any of these things you see online that promises to solve your money problems. God and the faith you have in what you do and desire will help you big time. You are in this world for a purpose and God is there to help you fulfil that purpose.

He will provide you with all that you need to fulfil the purpose as you have fun in the process.

It all begins with staying open to learn about God. I wish you well in your journey as you seek to strengthen your faith.

And that is it.

I hope you found this post helpful? What practice or believe have you fallen a victim of in your journey of faith? share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Until next time, bye bye and take care.

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