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Cheptiony Mutai Gilbert

Cheptiony Mutai is a Media & Communications Consultant and the Director of Techtube Video Studio Limited, a video production business based in Nairobi, Kenya. He collaborates with companies and brands of all sizes, helping them establish, expand, and enhance their online presence through captivating video content.

In 2018, Cheptiony launched this website to share tips and expert advice on Freelancing, Tech, and Business.

As a passionate Multimedia Producer and Business developer, Cheptiony holds a Diploma in Broadcast Journalism from the prestigious Media College Kenya Institute of Mass Communication.

Ever since he graduated, he embarked on an entrepreneurial and freelancing journey, which hasn’t always been smooth sailing.

He has  encountered failures along the way, but chose not to give up. Among his failed projects include;

  1. Junior Green Generation Initiative was an ambitious program aimed at mentoring young kids aged 5-12 on the importance of environmental conservation. You can check out a documentary of one of the events he organised here!
  2. His first company, Chapchap Entertainment Media Africa, later rebranded as Trendline Network Limited, unfortunately, met its demise in 2020.
  3. And then there was Pichapp, a Photo Prints Ordering app that, regrettably, is no longer functional.

Despite these setbacks, he has managed to keep Techtube Video Studio afloat. For the past 10 years, this video production business has been Cheptiony’s pride and joy, revolutionizing the process of producing videos through an innovative scripting approach.

Cheptiony expertise stems from over a decade of freelancing and online entrepreneurship, which he is eager to share his experience on this blog. 

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