When people hear Artificial Intelligence(AI), what comes to everyone’s mind is ChatGPT by OpenAI because many people are currently using it. From college and university students using it to do their homework, to bloggers using it to write blog content. AI is the new goldmine and is here to stay.

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But lets shift our focus today a little bit and look at free AI tools that we have with us on our phones and computers. Many people just see them on their phone or computer but they don’t know how powerful they are.

That’s what I am going to share with you on this blogpost.


Google lens is an app that comes preinstalled on every android phone. Many people don’t know how utilize it for productivity. When you open Google Lens on phone, it just start the camera and displays images from your gallery below.

Google lens dashboard on a mobile phone

On top just below the camera, you can see the menu tittles. These are things you can do with google lens.

You can translate text from an image, you can search online using images, you can take photos of your homework questions and google will answer it for you, you can take a photo of a product and google will show you the price of the product on different outlets that sell it and with location setting enabled, you can take a picture of a signboard in the place you are in and google lens will tell you where you are.

In this review, I will demonstrate to you how to simply copy text from an image using google lens without typing it. It doesn’t matter if the text was written by hand or typed; google lens will do the job of copying and converting it to typed text that you can edit.

I have some notes hand written on my book here. Instead of typing them, we will use google lens to type it. So I will point the lens on the page where the text is, and google lens will highlight the text and prompt me to choose the action I want with the text selected.

Hand written text ready to copy with google lens

In this case, I will select ‘text’ menu then select copy text on the new window. The text will copied to clipboard. Open google docs or a word processing app on phone and paste it there.

As you can see here the text is copied and pasted. From here I can easily edit.

Another way you can copy text is from an image on your phone. Select the image with text that you want to copy. Google lens will select the text. Tap on copy and it will be copied to clipboard. From there, you can paste it where you want e.g. on google docs, on e-mail e.t.c.

Copy tex from an image with google lens.

Google lens has a total of six things you can do with it and will safe you a lot of time.


When you install Microsoft Edge browser on your computer, it comes with Bing Chat. Bing is an AI-powered search engine owned and operated by Microsoft. Bing chat is an AI feature within the browser that works like ChatGPT but its free. No login is required.

Bing chat appears at the far top right corner on the Edge browser. Click on it to open.

Bing chat feature on Microsoft Edge

Bing chat has three features; chat, compose and insights. This a a very powerful tool for anyone in the communications business.

Bing chat features

You can use this to write various communication messages like website landing page content, social media posts, cover letters e.t.c. To remain unique, always know which feature to use when.

Since most people are familiar with the chat feature based on their past experience with chatGPT, I will explore the compose feature in order to give an idea of how AI can positively change the tone in which you communicate for good.

When you open this feature, you will realize that it gives you 3 choices that you need to pick after keying in your idea on what you want it to write. Among these choices include tone, format and length.

Bing Chat compose feature

With compose feature you can write basically anything. Just type in the keywords of what you want it to write and chose the tone, format and length and Bing chat will give you the results.

So far, from my experience, the compose feature does a perfect job. Just think of anything, and ask it to compose it for you. It will phrase it so well that you will be happy to post and share.


AI is a powerful tool that can help you create, communicate and collaborate. But it also comes with some challenges and responsibilities. You need to be aware of how AI works, what it can and cannot do, and how it might affect your audience.

You need to use AI wisely and ethically, and make sure that what it presents to you reflects your intended message. Don’t rely on AI blindly. Always check, edit and improve its output.

And that is it.

Have you embraced AI in your communications? If not, what is preventing you from taking advantage of it. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

And if you need professional help in building vibrant digital media and communication channels for your business that you can rely on, don’t hesitate to reach out to me here. I will be glad to help.

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Until next time bye bye and take care.

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