Video editing becomes a delightful experience when one becomes adept at maneuvering through different editing software’s with proficiency. For those passionate about video editing, there’s an endless stream of innovative concepts to explore and apply to your projects.

However, a common issue among video editors is a deficiency in ethics. Many prioritize their compensation over other essential business values, which undermines the integrity of a professional partnership.

In this article, I will share with you 3 reasons why many video editors fail to retain potential long term clients in their line of duty.

Lack of Value-Based Pricing

How much do you charge for your video editing services? That is a question that all potential client will ask before assigning an individual video editing work. Many editors hesitate to answer this question for the fear of loosing work. Most would rather hear how much the client is willing to offer first. Sadly, most clients who look for video editing services don’t really have an idea how much time it will take to edit a video and the kind of value you will offer as an editor.

As a result of not have a base value for their video editing services, the client may walk away. Some clients are business people who have no time to waste. In order to serve ‘your‘ clients as a video editor, you must set your base value price. For example, if someone is looking for someone to edit a film documentary, and they ask for your services to edit the video, its good to set the base value in say per minute i.e $400/minute.

By establishing a foundational pricing structure, you create a starting point for negotiations. Even if a potential client doesn’t engage your services immediately, your competitive rates will leave a lasting impression. Conversely, without a clear benchmark for your services’ value, client retention can become increasingly challenging.

Client Underestimation

Never underestimate a client by delivering poor standard work as the first draft. Even if they are younger than you or looks uninformed, treat them equally as any other clients. By agreeing to do their job, they become your client.

Clients often exhibit a keen eye for detail when reviewing videos, and understandably so. As a professional video editor, it is crucial to ensure that the final product is free of errors. E.g Unsynchronized audio controls can be perceived as a lack of respect for the client’s intelligence. Clients rightfully anticipate that such mistakes would be rectified before submission, as pointing them out can be seen as an unnecessary and time-consuming task. It is part of the editor’s role to deliver a polished video that meets the high standards expected by the client.

This thus means that for you to retain your clients as professional video editor, its important to preview the edited video as many times as you can and ensure that it has no errors that you can notice before sending it to your client as the first draft.

When you do this, you will safe yourself time. There will be less back and forth. Serious clients will approve your payment ASAP and will send more work your way.

Communication And Timelines Adherence

When a video editor is communicating with a direct client, they passively promise to deliver a given task within the timelines they set. The client agrees to it and assigns them work knowing that it will be delivered on time. On the D-day, the editor has forgotten about the deadline and are focusing on other new jobs.

Some video editors even fail to respond to their clients calls and e-mail follow ups on their project. To any potential client, this is very unprofessional and discouraging. The client ends up pushing the editor to complete the project as agreed upon basing it on the payment they made as deposit.

Such behavior in the video production business has rendered many creatives financially poor for many years. After such experience of poor communication and setting unreasonable timelines, you loose your client. Even if you deliver world class service, the client will not come back again. At the end, you will be in the loop of striving to find a client and after you have found one, you end up loosing them.

To solve this menace and set yourself in the success ladder of client retention, strive to communicate promptly and set reasonable timelines. And that’s it.

Drawing from my extensive experience as a video producer, I can attest that there are numerous pitfalls video editors might encounter. However, these three stand out as crucial. In today’s world, the sustainability of our business hinges on the strength of long-term client relationships. It’s imperative to not allow desperation, pride, or pricing to jeopardize a prospective client. Every interaction should be meaningful and contribute to building a lasting connection.

Are you looking for a professional video editor to hire for your video projects? You can hire me. I will deliver what I promise. Just send me a message here. You will experience a new level of professionalism in the video production business with me.

Up until next time, bye bye and take care.

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