Most clients who hire video editors or producers do so because they have little or no knowledge in video production and are in search for an expert. So, as a new client, how do you address the video editor you contact so that he/she understand what you are looking for? There are many components which when compiled together, makes a winning video.

Each of these items has a name or a keyword. Knowing the various components that makes a video is crucial. It will make your communication with the producer or editor smooth and easy. Here are some of the common components that you should know


This may sound straight forward to many,  but surprisingly , some clients can’t fathom the need for a script in a video. To understand why a script is an important element for your video read my post on writing a winning explainer video script to learn more.

Story board 

Once you have the script ready, the producer will work alongside you in creating a storyboard for your video. This is a sketch of how your video will be presented in real time. Storyboard is best designed in slideshow style or table style where script is broken down into sections with proposed videos/images/graphics inserted for each text line.

Background audio music/voice over 

Some scripts will need just background music or voice over to accompany the video presentation. This is one of the components that makes up your video. It’s therefore important that you are aware of the right term to use for the editor or producer to understand you well.

Intro and Outro 

This is a branding component that is used in the introduction and at the end of your video. The intro may be your own company logo animated and it’s Outro being how your customers can contact you for service. This is very important as it shows your users that you own the video.

Video Quality and Format  

This is the level of quality the video will be shared. Currently, the most common video quality is HD 1080 (high definition) and UHD (Ultra High Definition)2k, 4k. To learn more about video quality, please read video resolution definitions on demand in 2018. When it comes to video format, there are several formats available outside there. The most used forma that plays in most devices is .mp4 and .m4v.  To learn more about the latest video formats read four commonly used video file formats online in 2018.

Lower Thirds 

These are the text or graphics that appears below the video as it is playing. The best example is the name of a person in an interview. Sometimes it’s the phone number or website address. Make this know the editor from the onset if you need them.

Subtitles is the text transcription of the voice over in the video. It appears as it is spoken below the video. In some occasions where there is no voice, subtitle text appears on the screen to explain what is happening.


FTP  stand for File sharing Protocol. Most of you subscribe to it. This where you will share your folders and files. The most common FTPs outside there is Dropbox and Google drive. FTP allows to collaborate with the freelancer easily and speed up the process of production.

Video thumbnail  

Finally when the video completed and ready for publishing, video thumbnail is crucial. It will prompt viewers to click on it and play the video in most common video publishing sites like YouTube.

These are nine common things you should know as a client before you contact a producer. Most of the editors will ask you to provide some of these. It will be a bit confusing if you do not understand what they mean.

Do you have anythings else you think the client should know? Please share in the comments area.

Till next time, bye bye and take care!

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