Video editing is a skill that one gets better with time. When one is on their early stages, they make simple mistakes that only professionals in the video production industry can spot.

If you are a beginner video editor, you will relate with some the video editing mistakes that I am going to share with you here. How you edit a video will determine the viewers perception. People rate the quality of content by how it is edited.

Does it communicate clearly?

Is the sequence pleasant to watch?

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These questions can only be addressed by a video editor who knows how to well arrange different video components on the video editing timeline.

On this blogpost, I will be sharing 3 common mistakes that beginner video editors make so that you can watch out.

Balancing the Background Music and Voice over

This is a mistake commonly made by beginners. You find out that the volume of the background music is higher than the presenters voice. This makes audibility very difficult to the personal watching the video.

In order to contain this, its important for the video editor to learn how to control audio on the timeline. Learning how to do this manually as opposed to using automatic premade audio templates is the only way out. When you approach it this way, you will be able to control the volume as you listen to changes in real time. You can do this until its on the right levels that you are satisfied with.

Adding Several Transitions and Sound Effects

Video transitions and sound effects are cool as it spices up a video. But too much of it becomes distractive and draws away the viewer. Most beginners love to use several video transitions and sound effects as a way to wow their viewers. It’s fine if creatively put together.

Video: 3 Common Video Editing Mistakes People Make

But as they say, too much of something is poisonous. As an editor, try to minimize the use many of those effects.

My rule of thumb when it comes to video transitions is narrowing down to a minimum of two per video. This way, if it appears in multiple sections of a video, the viewer will be already familiar with it as it’s registered in the subconscious part of the brain. Also, it makes my work have a professional ‘corporate feel.’

Serious action takers appreciate videos with little or no ‘koso koso‘ in it. They are interested with the information you are sharing with them. So, prioritize your message.

Poorly Designed and Placed Text Or Graphics

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This is a very popular mistake many video editors make thinking it’s creativity. You watch a video and text suddenly appears and disappears fast before you can even read them. On some occasions, the video editor uses very bright background color with text formatted in different colors and font. They have no transition or animation at the beginning and the end of the title.

Such kind of text and graphics presentation on a video is unprofessional in my view especially in this day and age. As a video editor, you should first do your research, see how other people design their tittles and then learn how to do it directly from your video editing software.

Basic knowledge on design requires that you use a minimum of 3 colors on a tittle for it to look professional. Secondly, choose a font that is visible and easy to read. And lastly, add a transition at the beginning and the end of the tittle. ‘Fade in‘ transition works well on most corporate type of videos.

And that is it from me here.

I know there are more. What are those mistakes that you see video editors make every day?

Share them with me on the comments section below.

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And until next time, bye bye and take.

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