3 Keywords that will Attract Qualified Freelancers to Your Job

Now, you might have heard that being very detailed in what you want when looking for a professional freelance video producer or editor is key. Sadly writing a long detailed job post may not help you find one. Irrespective of the freelancing site you use to find a freelancer, know that many other clients like you are looking for freelancers as well. This means that there is a huge competition to find a perfect freelancer. 

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If you don’t use the correct keywords, you may find yourself editing and re-posting the same job post after failing to find the right match. 

Expert freelancers-while sifting through freelance jobs- read titles first and check if it has the keywords related to his/her skills. If it does, he clicks on it to read more with an intention of applying/bidding. 

So why does other clients get over 20 applicants in an hour while others takes more than 10 hours to get 10 applicants for a job in video production? 

Well, besides the skills, payment verification check and client past reviews; freelancers look at how keen the client is in cutting the BS.

In this I mean, if you write a long detailed description of your job post- freelancers are most likely to skip your post. This means you have to summarize your post if you want many qualified ones to bid. Here are 3 things that will get freelancers bidding for your job; 

Narrow in the category of video production service you want 

 In video production, there are many sub categories namely, screen-casting,  videography(shooting video), video editing, Animations, 3 D animation, motion graphics and more. As a client, you know the type of video you are looking for. Name that in your title e.g Animated demo video for my mobile app. A freelancer with good skills in animations and specifically animations for mobile apps will be more drawn to apply for it. 

Find one ‘word’ that describes the purpose of the video 

Videos are created for different purposes. And when you mention the video purpose in your title using the right word, it will trigger creative part of the brain of the person reading. e.g In the example I have used above in point No.1, ‘demo’ is the purpose. This thus means that when a freelancer reads this in the tittle, before applying, he/she will ask himself, is this what I can create? That means if he/she decides to bid, he will provide examples related to that. And you can use the examples provided to narrow in your search. 

Mention the results you expect after someone watches the video created

Freelancing has evolved from the year 2010 to now. So, it means that freelancing sites have their own algorithms to help clients quickly find suitable freelancers. But this only works if you use the right keywords from the word go. Using an opposite keyword is a total disaster. It’s like searching for ‘truck’ on google when you are actually looking for a pick up truck. It won’t work. The same applies when looking for a freelancer. 

I have seen clients use the right keyword on their titles, and one paragraph in the description with a small budget and the post attracted over 50 candidates. Such clients are guaranteed to find and hire the BEST freelancer who require little or no supervision at all. 

And that is it from me today. 

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Till next time, bye bye and take care. 

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Cheptiony Mutai

Cheptiony Mutai is the founder and author of this blog. By profession, he is video producer and an online entrepreneur working and living in Kenya.

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