Talent and professionalism are two main prerequisites that motivates individuals to start businesses online today. But that’s just the starter. With 1.13 Billion websites online in the world today, a lot more is needed to market your business.

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In this blogpost, I will share with you 3 marketing tools and services that you need in your online business.

1. Email Marketing Tool

Marketing through e-mail is a bit taxing when you think about it. This is particularly if you are doing everything by yourself. But the long term benefit of having e-mail marketing in place for your business is critical. There is a lot of ground work that goes into setting up e-mail marketing. These include;

  1. E-mail collection – When designing a website, it is important to have in mind how you intend to capture e-mails of people who visit. This may include adding a form which users can enter their names and e-mail addresses in order to subscribe to your services and get updated on special offers. Another way to collect e-mails is through an opt-in form that pops up on your site. Usually these forms are scheduled to pop up while the user is browsing through the site.
  2. E-mail Composition and Frequency – For your e-mail marketing plan to succeed, your e-mails have to be creatively written. This will result in high open rate. Also, the frequency in which you will be sending your e-mails to your subscribers needs to be set. This can be done through ‘funnels‘ found inside e-mail marketing software’s. E-mail funnels are there to automate the marketing process and save you time.

Advertising Services

As more and more people take their businesses online, competition of traders operating in the same niche continue to grow. The only way to defeat this battle for attention is through advertising. Good news is, there are many options of online advertising that one can choose from. You can advertise on search engines, social media platforms and more.

To get the best results; have a budget, stick to it and be consistent. If one medium is not giving you the results you are desiring, try a different medium until you find one that connects you with your targeted audience.

If done well, one is sure to get the results they are looking for.

Content Creation Tools

In order the create the best content for marketing your business, you need to have the right tools. Ask yourself; which type of content can effectively deliver my message? Is it graphic images, videos, photos, audio or written content? Each type of these content’s has their own special creation tool or software.

It is important to mention here the availability of free content creation tools online. The only problem is that these tools are designed to upsell you to the premium version. That is why it is better to purchase the tool/software license at the beginning of your content creation journey. That’s unless you are comfortable using the free version with limited features.

Having in mind that content plays a big role in marketing, it has to done efficiently. This can only be achieved through subscribing to the full features of the content creation tool you pick.


There are many more tools that you will need to market yourself or business online. However, the 3 tools I have highlighted here are effective if utilized well. You only need effective tools to succeed. How you set them up at first will determine the results you will get. Also, how consistent you use these tools is key.

And that is it from me here.

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