Everyday, we go out in search for ways to succeed. Freelancing and Entrepreneurship share common golden rules.

Often, the simple approach wins. But how often do overlook the power of the simple rules and go out in search something complicated hoping that it will separate us from the crowd?

In this blog-post, I share with you 3 simple powerful yet overlooked golden rules to succeeding in the Freelancing world.


When you repeatedly do something you become a master- and your chances of succeeding is high. It starts with first identifying a niche, then repeatedly bidding for projects that matches it. Everyday make sure you bid on 2-3 jobs that are related to your skills. Don’t worry that no one is responding to your bids so long as you have adhered to the terms of service in the Freelancing site you are working on. Do it repeatedly until it becomes an habit. This may sound simple-but the effect is beyond your imaginations. Some entrepreneurial experts recommend that you do just one thing on a daily basis to push your business a step further. Think about it.

Being Specific on Your Niche

I will use the Video Production industry as an example. Most people don’t know that it’s divided into many thriving sub-categories or niches. There is video editing, motion graphics, 3D animation, 2D animations and more just to name a few.

Being specific in the category of jobs you take gives you an edge. We are living in a generation where people rely on keywords when searching online. For example, if you are a 3D animator and someone is searching for someone to hire for 3D animations, you will appear on top of the search results as the most preferred candidate. Now you see why this is important in marketing yourself as well as your business right? Go now and make the necessary changes on your profile and see how relieved you will be.

Providing Value Each time You Get a Chance

This is more self explanatory and it’s magical. When you have this implanted on your subconscious mind, you will never be surprised when a client gives you a 5 star review without requesting them to do so.

Such simple acts of appreciation from your client is good for your growth. Also, you will sleep knowing that have helped someone somewhere to succeed in what they are doing.

Bonus tip

When you know that the service you are offering is helping someone succeed, you will be very happy. You will be more creative in your craft. You will always think of different approaches to improve it. What else do you need? Go out and apply these rules today.

If you need help to create and produce professional screen-cast video tutorials for your website, SaaS app or software applications, let me know here.

Until next time, bye bye and take care.

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