Many people who work and earn their income online struggle a lot with one thing; choosing the right investment vehicle for their earned income. Am not left out on this. I too struggle.
This is owing to many mouth watering investment deals presented to them by random followers on social media and ads they find online. While others are quick to spot a fraudulent deal, it’s really hard to crack others until you lose money on them.

Note that some have gone a notch higher to advertise their shady deals terming them as ‘mind-blowing investment.’ Anyone can advertise what they are offering online on the platform they choose.
So how can you determine a good investment deal from the bad one? It’s really hard to know one especially if you are a first timer.
Sometimes, its worth risking on the investment of interest in order to learn if its legit or not.

In this blogpost, I will share with 3 ways to invest your earned income online.


Blogging is a long term investment with potential to earn you big. When starting one, don’t be in a rush to earn big at a go. Take your time to first find your voice. The voice is in other words your ‘niche.’
It will pave way for you to create more without guess work. Also, as the time goes, you will be able to come up with many related products and services to sell to your audience.

For example, for me, at some point I will want to be an authority in the freelancing business. I can do this by either developing a course about freelance video production or selling my services as a freelance video producer.
To get started, invest your money in buying a domain and hosting services for your blog.

If need be, pay someone to help you design a captivating landing page if you are not able to do so yourself.
Investing money on a blog is not a one time thing; you will have to do it in bits as needed until you get the results you are looking for.
The small investments you make will compound to a big investment with high returns in a long run.

Based on my research on successful bloggers, a blog has the potential to earn you between $200-100,000 a month depending on how much effort you put.

Mobile App/SaaS

Mobile apps and Software As Service Apps(SaaS) are developed with an aim to solve a problem in the market.
It’s therefore worth considering them as an investment vehicle with high returns in future.

As an online freelancer or business owner, you have great advantage on this owing to your exposure to the online marketplace. To get started, identify a problem within your niche that can be solved by an app or software.
Think of ways to leverage in your idea.

Is it possible to earn from it after solving the problem at hand?
If you find yourself with many ideas for software and apps, take your time and start with one. Don’t run with all even if you have money.
I repeat this again, INVEST in one first until its a success. Launch it to the market. Get as many users as you can to use the product.

Invest in retaining the users you find. Build it as a business until it stabilizes and the income generated by it is enough to sustain the team you are working with and you have got back your initial investment.
If you do it right, this investment will earn you big. You may even stop what you are doing to go and work on the product.
Steps to investing in apps/software’s includes ideation/brainstorming, design & development, testing and review, official launch, marketing, updates, monetization and more.

Website Services

Website services is what has a lot demand today going by the number of searches online by website users.
It’s therefore important to consider investing your earned income in website services. The first step to doing this brainstorming. Look at the market and analyze trends.

Using Google trends in your analysis can be of help here.
Look at the services many people are searching and using online. See ways that you create similar service with a fresh approach. E.g Creating a classifieds website, job website, e-commerce website e.t.c.

The best way to start is launching a service that is within your skills. If you are skilled in something, it will be easy to market it. This is because, you have marketplace experience. This is key.
Give yourself a room for improvement in the early stages when your service is not performing well.
You will not go wrong if you continuously invest in it.

Always give it your all.


It takes a lot of sacrifice and dedication to succeed with any investment online. On the other hand it takes a few clicks to loose your hard earned money online in a fraudulent investment. Make your choices wisely.

Always remind yourself that even your friend or a family member can refer you to a bad investment and you will end up loosing money.
When scouting for what to invest in, look at the return on your investment in a long term as opposed to short term. Investing in products that solves peoples problems are the best investments that is hard to go wrong.

And that is it from me here. There are many more investments out that one can invest in.

Do you have an idea of something else that people can invest in online? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

And if you need help to edit or produce professional videos, do not hesitate to reach out to me here.
Until next time, bye bye and take care.

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