A lot has changed when it comes to online security in the world of business and freelancing since covid-19 pandemic hit. In a report by National Technology Security Coalition, Over 770 million email addresses and 21 million unique passwords were exposed in a popular hacking forum after hosted in the cloud service MEGA in 2019. It became the single largest collection of breached personal credentials in history.

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While email is the top attack vector, hackers are using a variety of tricks to get your sensitive information aside e-mail. Increasingly, phishing involves SMS texting attacks against mobiles or the use of messaging on social media and gaming platforms.

Here are 3 things that I have done to protect my e-mails and blog from phishing and cyber attacks in 2021. These simple actions have positively impacted my life in freelancing and business.

I Unsubscribed to All Marketing E-mails and Deleted All Online Accounts I am Not Using

This may look simple and unnecessary but trust me, once you do it, your energy levels will rise to new heights. You will be more creative and positive towards life. I remember how my anxiety and addiction to phone disappeared after deleting my Facebook account in the year 2018. Its a decision I have never regretted.

Unsubscribe here
Unsubscribe here

This inspired me to look into a number of other online products I was subscribed to.

Months later, I deleted my Amazon and Udemy account.

Most people find themselves signing up to several products online because someone marketed it to them. Signing up to everything is dangerous in a long run. It can ruin your chances of success, waste your time and mess up your life.

You may want to learn more on why protecting your private data is important by checking this article here – Don’t Sign Up Everywhere Using Your E-mail and Phone Number. Here’s Why.

Do Away With What is Not Adding Value to Your Life

My point here is, do away with what is not bringing you value in life. If you can’t let go, make it work for you for profits. Everything that you subscribe to must bring you value in life.

Only take a FREE course if you will be applying the skills gained in your day to day life.

Otherwise, ask yourself, for how long will you be consuming other people information and living in hope that things will miraculously change for you?

You have what it takes. It takes courage to clean your inbox from all the marketing e-mails that you wake up to every morning. There and then, you will have a clean slate to start creating your own life. Like in the bible we are the Genesis of creation.

I Embraced 2 Factor Authentication in All Accounts That Require Login

When I first heard about 2Factor authentication, I thought it was a scam. I tried creating very complicated passwords in order to avoid activating it. Little did I know that the 2 factor authentications was there for my own good.

2FA Authentication
2FA Authentication

I activated the 2FA as a security layer in 2021. My domain service provider recommended this to protect my e-mails.

To date I love it. It has helped me protect my online accounts. I use Microsoft Authenticator.

If you have not embraced it yet, I highly recommend that you start today.

I Purchased SSL Certificates for All My sites

Popular browsers like Google Chrome are beginning to mark HTTP websites as not secure. The best and fastest fix is getting an SSL certificate. Getting an SSL will completely change the way customers view your website. You will worry less about data theft, message forgeries or eavesdropping.

SSL Certificate cheptiony.com
SSL Certificate cheptiony.com

With SSL certificate, your website URL will have https and a lock icon at the beginning and not http. This goes a long way in how e-mails associated with your website is delivered. Messages sent to you from your website contacts page will be encrypted.

I recommend getting an SSL certificate for your blog if you haven’t.


If you have your business presence online, invest in it. Seal all the loopholes that scammers may use to frustrate you and make your online business environment unbearable. If your provider recommends that you activate some security features that will help you build and grow your business online; don’t hesitate, implement them.

Optimize your business presence online.

Only focus on things that works and brings value to you.

As I go, what have you done at the height of pandemic that has positively changed your freelance life and business for the better?

Share your thoughts and feedback in the comments section below.

Until next time, bye bye and take care.

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