Any seasoned video producer will tell you they don’t need a storyboard in order to create a video- and that script is enough. Well, me being one of them, I agree that it is possible to work on  a video without a storyboard. But how do you make yourself stand out from others in this competitive industry and command a bigger pay-especially when proposing?

Well you have to be creative enough to show your  prospect that you are organized. Having in mind that not every editor/producer breaks down the process they use when working on their videos, you need to utilize this as your strength and make yourself stand out in the market. And Storyboard can be your savior. Here are reasons why storyboard will help you stand out.

Storyboard works best for clients who have never worked on a video before 

Most new clients who have never worked on a video with someone before; are clueless on how to go about it. And for them to trust you, you need to take them step by step on the process. If they are willing to provide the script, then you can introduce them to ‘storyboarding’ where they will have a clear picture on how the video will come out. This way, they will view you as an expert; besides, they will feel a sense of ownership as they will get a chance to contribute to it.

Storyboard is good for videos that require royalty free videos 

Now, sometimes as a video producer, your royalty free video choices for different parts of a video may not be what your client wants. This thus means that if you had purchased the footage, you will have to dig deeper to your pockets and purchase an alternative footage to replace it. To avoid this, creating a storyboard and sharing links to videos you  propose to use is very crucial as you will have advance client approval before purchasing them.

Storyboard will help you stop guessing 

If you are working on a technical video, sometimes, in some sections, you need to consult the client to clarify some terms and thus help you create a scene to reflect the meaning. Storyboard will be the best medium to raise such questions. Clients love this as they get also to contribute towards the production of the video. You only need to a good listener here.

Storyboard is the avenue to win the heart of your client 

Now, the first thing to do when your client agrees on a storyboard, is to propose to them that you can use online collaboration tools where changes can be reviewed in real time. In this case, the best tool to use for story board is Google slides. Even if you have worn the contract, don’t stop showing to your client how professional and experienced you are by action. This way, he/she will trust you opinion on matters that are not even related to your line of expertise. Be that guy that can be trusted to not only deliver, but deliver to satisfaction.

And this will in turn lead to repeat business and before you know, you will have more work and less stressful marketing.

That’s all from me here today. Till next time, bye and take care:-)

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