I am a video producer. I love creating videos for people for a living as well as watching well thought video concepts on YouTube by creators across the globe. There are many things that will make someone subscribe to a YouTube channel even without the creator asking them to do so.

Among the common things that will push someone to like or subscribe to a YouTube channel is;

Relationship With the Topic

A lot of creators you see with many followers on Youtube have passion and love for what they do. So by the time the start to film and share, they have a plan. They have a specific niche they want to reach out to. When someone fully watches their videos, it’s because they resonate with the topic being covered by the creator. At the end, they will confidently comment and ask the creator questions because they want to learn more.


People trained as media Journalists is another group of creators on YouTube. They aim to inform people on what’s happening. They do proper research on any given topic and ensures that whatever they are sharing is true. That’s why people love and follow them.

When one is consistent in reporting facts, people will love and comment on their work. Information is power. People are happy when they find out that the information they are consuming are factual.

Lifestyle and Family

Vlogs which revolves around lifestyle and good family values are very common know days. Most people long for good lifestyle, family and good values.

As we speak, there is a growing trend of vlogs done by new couples in town sharing their lifestyle. If someone relates with the lifestyle that the vlogger is projecting, they will dearly follow the videos they share.

Its worth mentioning that lifestyle and family videos vary and is dependent on the topic the vlogger choses to take.

Career and Life Coaching

We all pursue different careers based on our aspirations. There is a growing need for independent professionals remotely with different skills. On the other hand, those who have built a successfully career as independent professionals online. Those are the one who mostly vlog.

Some share motivational thoughts sending out positive vibes. Whichever it is, vloggers who choose to motivate people are professionals in this niche.

Its worth mentioning that your personality matters as that is what people are connecting with. Be real. Don’t fake. That’s how people fall in love in you and your work.

And that is it from me. If you need to create professional screencast videos for your software or application, your can request a free quote here.

Until next time, Merry Christmas and happy new year 2021. God Bless.

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