Like the Lord’s prayer ‘...lead us not into temptations, but deliver us from evil..’ the following are temptations that comes along with sub-contracting¬†or hiring a freelancer to work on your projects (or some of your projects) that should be avoided at all costs if you find yourself falling into them.

If you are someone enterprising, and you deliver great work, then satisfied clients will refer you to their fellow businessmen. At the end of the day, you will have a lot of fulfilling projects to work on.

Obviously, as a client or an enterprising freelancer with deep knowledge in video production, you will be determined to find a fellow freelancer with the right skills to help you out.

Hiring one is not a problem. You just post a job on a freelancing platform and agree on the cost of the contract and voila! he/she is hired. However, there are many temptations that comes in from the time of hiring to the time of project completion.

Here are 3 common temptations that may cost you time and reputation. Each time you notice them, remember the Lord’s prayer and take action.

Hiring The Lowest Bidder With The Hope of Saving Money

Everyone loves to pay less for more. Now, bargains comes with a price in the freelancing world. On the other hand, experience will teach you a lot. For example, you will know the best bargain for a certain service. New freelancers may quote lower prices promising to deliver the best.

Others will use other peoples video examples to convince you. You will know this during the interview. Don’t ever be tempted to hire someone cheaper hoping to make 10X profit out of the project. 90% of them will surprise you with lower quality work. That’s the last thing you will want to hear.

Wanting the Project Completed Within The Shortest Time

Freelance entrepreneurship can be very demanding. You are after making more sales and profits. Focusing on making more profits within a set period of time can cause you to push whoever you hire to speed up the production. This is dangerous. Creativity and inspiration to create compelling videos requires time. Give them time to utilize their creativity in order to produce quality work.

Sharing Whatever Your Contractor Sends You Directly With The Client

First, this is unprofessional. In the project you hired for, you are the team leader. For this case, you should take your time to thoroughly review the video and request for changes where necessary. Usually, the first draft require many revisions. Ask the contractor to make these changes. When you are happy and confident enough to share your work with the client, do so. This will save you a lot of heartache. Besides, the clients will view you as someone professional.

Treat Whoever You Hire Professionally With The Hope of Hiring Them in Future

A bad review by a freelancer can hurt you chances of attracting high quality freelancers in future. Set your standards through your communications with them when you hire. Don’t let them drag you to their problems. E.g some freelancers have a tendency of complaining about one thing or another after you have hired them. Don’t let this get into you. Remind them of what your initial contract with them says. Be very stern. This will make them respect you as a client and deliver extraordinary service.

And that is it from me today.

There are many other temptations you should avoid at all cost when sub-contracting work to a freelancer.

Do you know of any? Share it with me in the comments section below.

If you need help to create and produce professional screen-cast video tutorials, let me know here.

Till next time, bye bye and take care.

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