Changes in technology has positively transformed video editing. Today, there are several video presentation variations that one can apply on their project depending on the message they are trying to put forward.

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So what are those styles of presentations and how can one apply in their video to bring out the best final video output?

On this blogpost, I am going to share with you 5 different video design styles that are common in the online marketplace. Also, I will share with you how a combination of 1-3 of these styles of video presentations will bring out a stunning video.

5 Common Online Video Design Styles

  1. Recorded Video Footage and B-rolls.
  2. Explainer/ 2D Animations.
  3. Infographics Animations and motion graphics.
  4. Screencast Videos
  5. 3D Animations

For a detailed explanation of each one of these styles of video presentations, please read the blogpost I wrote here on 5 video production skills that will make you money online in Kenya today.

#1 Combination- 3D Animations, Recorded Video Footage & Screencast Video Recordings

These three can work together depending on your script and budget. This combination is perfect for product demo videos and software tutorials. To safe on time and money, here is how you can combine them.

  • 3D Animations – This is perfect for use in intro and outro logo animations. This appears for 2-3 seconds in the video at the beginning and at the end.
  • Recorded Video Footage and B-rolls – It is best used to splice up a video. For example, if the script is talking about a software program or a website service; before the actual screen recordings, one can display someone busy on their computer working.
  • Screencast Recordings – This is usually the actual screens of the digital product being demonstrated.

When you combine these 3 video presentation styles, you will get a professional and polished video.

#2 Combination- 2D Animations, Infographics Animations And Motion Graphics

These are 3 different types of animation designs that are closely related. As I mentioned up there, please check this article on 5 video production Skills that will make you money online in Kenya today to learn more.

  • 2D Animations -This is best used in scenes that need human, living things, cars e.t.c representation.
  • Infographics Animations – Suitable for scenes in a video that needs some data illustrated. e.g Sales performance comparison between different products.
  • Motion Graphics – Motion graphics vary from text animation, motion backgrounds appearing at different scenes in a video as seen fit by the video creator.

#3 Combination – Screencast Video & 2D Animations

A Combination of Screen recorded videos and 2D Animations can perfectly work for explainer and app demo type of videos. In scenes where the presenter is talking about the problem at hand and giving a case study, 2D animations can be used to illustrate the message. Then in the midst, one can bring in screen recorded videos to demonstrate the solution the digital product is providing.

#4 Combination -Video Footage & Infographics Animations

The lifeline of long form documentaries and feature videos is video footage and b-rolls. However, It’s paramount to consider using infographics to splice up your video presentation. Since every video presentation’s end goal is to sell an idea, some data will be included. That’s where you can use infographics animations.
Also, in some parts, motion graphics animations will play a role.


As a video creator, you can play around the 5 common video design styles. At the end of the day you want to communicate clearly. You can come up with your own combinations.

However, have in mind that all of these 5 different type of video design styles require one to specialize in order to deliver the best results. This means that you may have to collaborate with a 2D animator if you are creating a video that require some 2D animations incorporated. So, if you are a video production business owner, consider getting all costs right when preparing a quotation.

And that is it from me.

Do you think taking into account a combination of different video designs is necessary when planning for a video production? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Finally, if you are looking help with professional video production services from start to finish, Techtube Video Studio can help you out. Request a quote here today. You will get a response within 24 hours.

And until next time, bye bye and take care.

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