With every business embracing technology in all aspects, there is a growing demand for software applications and apps to meet these needs. But lets admit, not everyone is a tech savvy.

Some customers, if not all of them, will need user guides or instructional videos to help them understand how the app/software/programs works.

Therefore, it has become imperative to consider developing professional instructional guides both in writing and video formats to accompany the application or software  you are selling. Here are five areas in technology that instructional video guides are used;

Computer Software and programs

All software’s and programs created to be used by business people require instructional guides (both in written and in video) to help new users understand how to carry out some crucial tasks in order achieve results in  business.

Such videos will save the company a lot of time that could have been spent teaching new recruits how to use the software. Also, it will save the developers and support team a lot of time.

Mobile Apps 

With thousands of mobile apps being published daily on Google Playstore and Apple Appstore, users are keen on which app they download.

They first scroll through the screenshots, and watch the video (if there is one) before deciding to install it on their phones. It’s therefore important to have a demo video on the apps preview page to show them how it works.

This is the service that we offer at at Techtube Video Studio. We develop demo videos for mobile apps which gives users  a sneak peak on how to the app solves their problems in 30-90 seconds.

Web-hosted Apps 

Software developers who use to sell their software applications offline (for download) are now making their softwares available online to anyone anywhere across the globe to capture the new market of online cloud users.

Take for example Microsoft office 365; if you subscribe to it, you can use the software anywhere in the world without the need of having to worry about carrying your saved document in a USB Flash disk.

It’s therefore important to train all of your new customers, on how to go about the software through video.


Thousands of websites go live everyday. If your website is providing a service to customers remotely, it’s crucial to have a demo video showing users how sign up and make the best use of their website.

You may dismiss this but some customers love watch video on how your website works rather than reading an long article unless it has screenshots of the steps to follow.

Hardware-Software Guides

Some companies have hardware’s they sell  which do not function without a software. The process of setting this up is sometimes technical to a raving customer.

They will need a video to showing them how to use it both physically and configuring the hardware using the software that comes along with it.

That’s where ‘how to’ video tutorials comes in to guide users and thus reduce time spent on support by half.

These among others are some common places where instructional video guides are required. Of-course there are several sectors in business where instructional video guides are needed. Some video guides may require that the producer visits the location an film the step by step process.

If you need someone to develop an instruction video guide, let me know here because I can help you out.

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