When your client asks for video revisions the first time, you are excited because you know you are close to completing the project – and getting PAID. 

But, after the first round of revision, you client sends you a longer list of revision requests and you are are like WTF! Why didn’t she/he spot these issues the first time I shared the video? 

Hold on, some micro (yet critical) mistakes in video are hard to spot when one is reviewing it for the first time. Here is why; 

Clients Focus their Attention on Communication in their First Review

When you share the first draft of the video, your client will want to see if the visuals conveys clearly the message according to his vision and script. Hence the initial comments will be based on this. He/she may also pick some other small issues that are common like sound issues and probably video resolution. 

So, that means he/she will pick other small issues once sure that the message is being properly communicated. 

So when creating the video, here are top 5 things that you should be keen with. 

Spelling Mistakes 

This is very common. For instance, misspelling someone’s name, or grammatical mistakes on text graphics. This is very important. If not fixed, it may ruin the whole good vibe that the video has. So, to avoid back and forth after the first review, skim through your graphics before exporting your video. Make sure that they are grammatically correct. Also, counter-check names with your client to ensure that its written correctly. That way, you will save yourself a lot of trouble. 

Jump Cuts/Blank Video Frame

Each time you export or render your video, preview it before sharing. This way, you will be sure that the video plays smoothly from the beginning to the end. Sometimes, you accidentally move a clip 1 frame while editing and it results in a noticeable dark section when being played. Be careful and keen on this. Otherwise, your client will. 

Export Settings 

If you are exporting your draft videos in low resolution of 720P with lowest bit rate and smaller file, let your client know about this from the start. Tell them that the final video will have high resolution. Otherwise your client will assume the final video will look the same and may not like it. 

Use One or Two Transitions Consistently 

Several funky transitions are not only confusing, but on a marketing perspective, it displays a characteristic of someone trying hard to sell. This originates from a place of desperation. No one wants to be perceived that way. Thus, when you use transitions, try to be minimal. Use at least two different transitions, all through your video. Otherwise you client will tell you to do so. 

Many companies today insist on sticking to their company color themes. This is applicable on all video graphics that you create for them.  It is therefore good to consult with your client on the same. This way, they can send you their logos or probably their company color pellets. 

If you assume this, you client will notice this probably when you are doing the final touches and being told to revise graphic colors the last minute may be irritating to you as the editor

This are five among other many micro things that will make your client request for more revisions. It is therefore crucial to be clear from the start on the number of revisions you are willing to offer to your client. i.e Offering 3 rounds of revisions for free is ideal. Any additional revision will attract a fee, which you will suggest to your prospect. 

And that’s all from me today. Hope this article was helpful to you. 

If you need any help related to creating videos, you can request a free quote here.  

Till next time, bye bye and take care. 

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