It doesn’t matter if the project at hand is big or small – the psychology of closing a sale is the same. Now, if you are fond of copying other people ways of handling business-then this explains why you are always loosing/or getting your a** kicked just when you are about to close a sale.

It’s a no brainier. If your prospect notices a little sign of desperation or display of fear, they will doubt your service and chicken out. All this can be interpreted from the conversations you have with them either on e-mail or call.

I too, sometimes find myself as a victim. But, I have learn’t a lot from them. Here are 5 common things that will make a serious client start procrastinating on whether to work with you or not.

Lack of DEEP Understanding of Your Prospects Video Requirements

Now, I am talking here of serious clients who are ready to buy your video services… Not the many ‘internet window shoppers’ who are just making inquiry with unclear needs. Serious clients are ready to spend if you clearly convince them that you have the capability of delivering the kind of video they are looking for.

Watch Video – Deal Breakers in The Freelancing Business

Now get this, there is ‘shallow’ understanding of the ‘need’ at hand and there is a ‘deep’ understanding of the need. Deep understanding can only be gained from experience of doing the same thing over and over for a very long time. And this goes hand in hand with ‘high spenders.’

Poor English or Several Grammatical Mistakes in Your Communications

Now, I admit, English is not my native language. But I had to learn how to communicate well in English. This way, I am able to show how serious I am in engaging with global collaborators. Now, let me explain why this can become the last thing in the list of your requirements. The first thing is usually the ‘Skills, followed by timeline, then cost and finally communication.

In occasions when I am hiring, I can quickly tell from the communication whether someone will be fun working with or not. Any client hiring is looking to reduce their workload. If they find that they are struggling to understand what you are trying to communicate to them, they will re-think on hiring you. I mean you are giving them double work.

Greed for More Pay

Again, prospects ready to spend will not look at the cost first. They will look at your skills. They determine this by sharing their requirements. Once satisfied, they will request that you give them a quote. When you provide a quote of say $500. They, will send you an e-mail, saying,

‘Just to confirm, you say you will charge only $500 to create the video with revisions… Is that correct.’

The word ‘Only’ in that sentence will arouse greed in a freelancer. Most guys are tempted to start hiking the amount by introducing ‘add ons‘ that was not there before.

If you are the ‘greedy’ type of freelancer; go take a cold shower before replying that e-mail because you will end up loosing the business by allowing temptations to set their foot on your door:-)

Too Slow to Meet the Deadlines

Busy clients set their deadlines. When they contact a freelancer to work on their project, they need it like yesterday. Give them a reasonable deadline and inform them that on request, you can work overtime (in the evenings/holidays of-course), if it’s urgent. Then tell them how much more you will charge them for overtime. You being honest, they will offer to pay you more if they need the video that FAST. Address them like a fellow human being but stick to the context. They are humans like you only in a different planet.

Inability to Handle a Single Portion of The General Requirements

This is what I mean when it comes to video production. Sometimes, a prospect needs someone who can handle everything from Scripting, story-boarding, voice over and video production. They don’t care how you do it. They just need someone who can tell them they can and prove it. If you are a honest freelancer, tell them what you can and what you can’t handle. This will help them decide and their decision may not be in your favor. That is fine. Joy comes when you do what you can do best.

There are many other more reasons which will make a prospect choose not to work with you. One among those being uncertainty when explaining yourself in your e-mail. Always be yourself. Be confident in what you think you can offer.

And That is it from me here.

If you need help to create professional screen-cast videos, send a request a free quote here and I will get back to you.

Until next time, bye bye and take care.

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