The requirements needed in order to submit a video production consultancy proposal varies. Some requests for Proposals (RFP) are simple and straight forward while others are detailed and a bit complicated.
Irrespective of the demands that the client is requiring; one thing remains clear, the client wants a video in a certain format delivered to them. E.g Documentary.

Video – 5 Important Things That Clients Look At In A Video Production Consultancy Proposal

Always have the ‘end product‘ in your mind. Irrespective of the qualifications the client is demanding, ask yourself;

  • Can I deliver what the client is requesting?
  • Do you have access to the tools needed or knowledge to do the work?
  • Can your experience replace the academic qualification you don’t have?

With this in mind, what carries weight in a video production consultancy proposal, is your experience. On this blogpost, I will share with you 5 things to focus on in your proposal in order to stand out.

Understanding TOR

First, the client is interested in knowing your understanding of their Terms Of Reference. Terms of reference in this case is a description of what the client is looking for. e.g A 15 Minutes documentary. This must be demonstrated in your cover letter. Take time to summarize this in one paragraph.

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After telling your client that you understand the assignment, explain your approach to solving your clients problem which is providing video production services.

Read and re-read the Terms Of Reference while preparing your proposal to ensure you don’t miss a thing. If you find something that is not clear, request for clarification via e-mail. Its easy to prepare a proposal when you understand what client is looking for from you.

Your Resume/Company Profile

Your individual, business or company resume is what follows next after the cover letter. The ‘work experience‘ section of your resume is what the client will focus on.

Does your work experience match with the type of video production skills the client is looking for? If it does, then you will be the lucky person to be invited to the next phase of this process which is the interview.

When writing your resume or curriculum vitae, put as much detail as you can about your work experience so that you can stand a chance for the position the client is calling for.

Also, ensure that the reference persons you have listed in your resume is up to to date.

Links to Samples of Your Work

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In the creative industry, samples of your past projects have a lot of weight. After the client is done looking at your paper work, they will now proceed and look at links to works you have successfully completed in the past. It can be linked to your work experience. e.g Link to a documentary you produced for a client.

Always keep record of every job you complete for your clients. In this case, if its photography, videography or graphics designs; have them saved somewhere in the cloud where you can easily share when requested.

Note: It’s always good practice to seek consent from your client to use the content you produced for them in your website as part of your portfolio. Many clients are more willing to give you consent especially when you are sharing a link originating from them as it benefits both of you.

Preliminary Plan and Timelines

In many occasions, the client gives their expected start date and end date for the project in their Terms of Reference. Based on this, you are therefore required to propose your plan and timeline for the project as you foresee.

Use details like the locations the client has indicated for filming and the subject of the shoot, stages of production you will be involved in(preproduction, production and post production) and review and revisions stage.

Some companies indicate dates in which the contract will start and end while others don’t. Make sure the duration you have proposed does not exceed their time in days unless you have a valid reason.

Financial Proposal

You can only provide an accurate quote when you have a plan and set timelines in place. The plan and time will guide you to prepare your quotation.

For instance, if you are expected to travel to 10 locations, you can evaluate the distance and allocate time as needed. Use the time to come up with the cost based on your daily or hourly rates.

After all is said and done, Financial Proposal is what will determine who gets the contract. It’s important to mention that organizations vary. Some are operating under a budget while others don’t.

Don’t underquote because you really want the work. Quote what you are worth because you have the skills and experience to complete the job.

And that is it.

Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments section below.

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And until next time, bye and take care.

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