If you buy any daily newspaper today in 2021, you cannot not help but notice that 2-3 pages of the paper carry Auction Notices for properties and valuables due to bankruptcy caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the year 2015, auctioneers were threatening to close my business. At the time, Kenyans were losing their properties to auctioneers due to the long electioneering period which led to a stunt economic growth and a whole lot of uncertainty.

Newspapers published Auction Notices ranging from vehicles, homes, lands and office equipment, which were being sold off at very cheap prices to recover debt. It’s similar to what we see today.

When I found myself in this desperate situation after a misunderstanding with a client, I got a whole lot of schooling which I would like to share…

So, in the year 2015, auctioneers stomped into our office and collected all our electronics and valuables. We were all caught unawares.

I was in the middle of a very important project for a South African company and the deadline was nearly approaching.

It was a very scary situation. They started with collecting our chairs so that we couldn’t continue working. I panicked. I could feel a light sweat rolling down my armpits and at the center of my back.

My assistant editor stared at me hoping I could say something… Anything! I was silent and she gave in her chair.

I remember mumbling to the auctioneers to wait a little bit so that we could save our work and shut down our computers. It was about 3 p.m in the afternoon.

After switching off my computer, I went out to check on my brother at his office and hear what he had to say. He was been my landlord since I started my business.

He subleased part of his office to me. He had nothing to say. So we had to let go until the court settled the case.

Now, a week later, after all the dust had settled, we were back to the normal day to day business.

However, here are some of the lessons learnt from this experience.

Deal With The Embarrassment ‘in the face of those who work for you’ That Comes With This Action

When this happens, be prepared to fight the battle of embarrassment that comes with it. As directors and founders of companies, there is a particular pride that we carry with us. This will be the best time to deal with it. When you share the story with your allies, most will pretend to pity you, but you will be surprised to find out what they say behind your back, talk of wolves in sheep’s clothing. The storm will be over anyway and new life will start afresh. So, be calm and trust in the supernatural being.

Don’t Get Attached to Material Acquisition

I was attached to my editing suites. My new suite which had costed me $1000, was what kept me awake all night the actual day when the auctioneers visited. I was worried the auctioneers would sell it and pretend it got lost. After the 3rd day, I was calm. Questions that went through my mind were: what would I have done if a disaster had taken place and I had lost everything?

You Are Not The First One

People get auctioned everyday and they still push on. They never give up on their dreams. They start their lives once again and push on like nothing ever happened.

Do What You Can to Contain Any Situation and Leave The Rest to God

When you are aware that you might experience a disaster because of failing to settle on a few things and its beyond your control, never panic. Ask God for guidance and if it gets out of control, stay calm, keep your faith and you’ll reason your way out.

Co-operate And Negotiate Later

When the auctioneers came in, we cooperated and allowed them to do their job professionally. Despite inconveniences we were facing as a result, we knew with a little bit of negotiations through the court, we would be back to business in a short period.

Lastly, that is how God will take control of the situation- I am kidding!

Food for thought:- Go out and research on the meaning of ‘detachment’ in life and what it means to you….It will change how you look at life.

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