2019 is few days away from us. As you reflect on the challenges and lessons you learn’t along the year 2018 in your business- take a moment to think about how you can include video element in marketing your business.

You see, if you sell online and you have not started using video, then you are missing out on customers who take action after watching a video about your products or services.

According to CISCO, 80% of all internet traffic will be video by 2021. Moreover, Google found that 70% of B2B buyers watch videos on their journey through the sales funnel.

Does video sound like a good business lead? Of-course yes. So, how do you get started and consistently produce video content for your business on a regular basis at a price that is friendly to your pocket?

Well, here are five steps to starting out your series of videos that your customers will like.

Plan and Break Down the Services You Offer Into Bits 

You first have to decide to include video as a marketing tool in your business. This decision has to be firm. Now, once you have done so, sit down and plan, what you intend to share with your existing and prospective customers. Your product or service must be something the adds value to peoples life. So sit down and write down short titles that may work well wit your product. e.g. Why buying a red carpet is perceived as good ‘omen’ in Chinese Fengshui tradition. This might work well to someone selling carpets. Later you can write scripts to expound more on it for the purpose of shooting the video. This will make your content powerful and pleasing to watch. Someone who is not intending to buy a carpet from you will still watch the video.

Appear on the video Speaking or Demonstrating How Your product Works

This is very important. Prepare to appear on video as the director of the company or the owner of the store that is selling the product. There is no Excuses here. If you are shy, you will not sell. People will trust you more if they see your face. Moreover, they will be confident when buying the product as they are sure who to direct their complaints when the product fails. Many customers will go an extra mile to look for you on social media to confirm you are not a scammer.

Find a Good Videographer and Editor and Contract Them For a Long Term

Now, remember that you are not doing one video and stopping there. You are publishing a series of videos. In this, I mean you may decide to publish 1 video every week .As a result, you will have 4 videos a month and 48 videos in a year. When looking for a video producer, discuss with them your vision. You will be surprised on how pocket friendly the cost will be. If you need help with this, let me know here. I can be you guy to manage your productions:-). If you are residing in another country or would prefer to hire someone remotely, I will advise you to use platforms like Upwork to find a skilled freelancer to work on your videos.

Don’t Be Embarrassed by Your First Video. Publish it. Successful Video Marketers Started there 

When you watch yourself on video for the first time, you seem to identify many mistakes like accent, shyness e.t.c. It’s fine. It happens to many people. So, appreciate your small beginnings and be confident that you will overcome this with time. You define your originality from this. Don’t let it fade. Let people know who you are without any exaggeration. Whoever will buy from you here will be a genuine a customer. And you will be motivated because they accept you for you.

Use Customer Feedback to Grow Your Video Content 

Let’s say you repair broken chairs and leather Sofas. When you show people what you do- before and after- they are thrilled and would want to learn more. So in the comments section of the video, you will see people asking question related to what you have just shared with them on video. This is good for two reasons. One, it motivates you to continue sharing videos. Two, it gives you ideas and leads for your next video. With time, you will not run out of ideas on what to do next. As a result, you will have grown customer base through engagements.

These are 5 important steps to getting started.

There are other many more and you will learn about them along the way once you get started. But the idea here is, to get started. That is very important.

And 2019 is the best time!

That’s it.

If you are looking for help to kick-start video marketing in your business by creating customer focused videos for your applications/software’s/SaaS/website apps? I can help. Request a free quote here.

You can follow me on social media @cheptionymutai

Until next time. Bye bye and take care.

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