The demand for video services online today is huge. More and more companies are looking for competent video producers to work on their video projects.

Watch video – 5 Skills to Make You Money Online Today

Anyone who is committed can succeed making money online producing videos for individuals and businesses.

In this day and era, you can learn any skill related to video production online for free on YouTube.

Arts and Design category leads with 77% in representation by freelancers compared to other categories. This is according to Freelance Forward Economist Report 2021. This means there is a huge demand for Arts and Design skills compared to others.


Getting Started

So how does the video producer decide which skills to employ in a given project?

Its mainly based on the script provided to them by the client. Largely, video producers, editors, animators and motion graphics designers are paid to work on projects that are meant for use commercially.

The end determines the means. How best will the message be communicated? This question will be answered based on the assets the client has and proposes to be used in producing the video. From here the skills needed will come out automatically.

On this blogpost, I will be sharing with you Top 5 video production skills that can make you money online in Kenya and are self thought.

List of top 5 Categories in Video production that will make you money online.

  1. Screencast Video Production
  2. Motion graphics and infographics animations
  3. Production of 2D Animation And Whiteboard Explainer videos
  4. 3D animation
  5. Video Editing

1. Screencast Video Production

Screencast video production is a little hyped category in video production but has a lot of demand in the tech space. The potential of growth with this category of video production is high. Screencast video production is basically recording computer/tablet/phone screens of a software or SaaS application in action showing users how to use the product or service.

Application of screencast video production knowledge can be used in many areas in video production.

Screencast videos are the ones you find posted on most of the giant website help pages showing users how to do certain tasks on the platform.

While this can be done by anyone, most of the product owners prefer to have the work done by someone else professionally.

This is where they employ the skills of a screencast video producer, freelancer or a production agency. Screencast video production is more than recording the computer or software screens.

There is a learning phase where you study how the software or application works before doing the actual work.

To do screencast videos, you need to have access to a professional screen recording and editing software like Camtasia studio.

Potential Earnings Per Month

This skill has potential of earning you a minimum of $1000 to $5000 a month as a freelancer. It requires a lot of patience and commitment at the beginning before you break through.

2. Motion Graphics and Infographics Animation

black and white round analog wall clock
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Motion graphics has many different definitions. I will define it using my own words. Its basically animation of text, graphic designs, videos and images to communicate a message in the most entertaining way.

Kinetic typography is a good example of a motion graphic videos.

Infographics animation on the other hand is more less the same. The difference is that with infographics, your are adding motion to existing informational graphics or data. e.g case studies.

Depending on your experience, you can use basically any professional software. To be on the safe side, I recommend learning how to use Adobe after effects. With the software, you are not limited in what you can create.

Motion graphics skill has demand all over. Once you have built a name around it, your earning potential will be huge.

Potential Earnings Per Month: One video of 2 Mins can make you $300-1000. If you do let’s say 5 videos a month, you are good.

3. Production of 2D Animation and Whiteboard Explainer Videos

2D animations and whiteboard explainer videos are two different things but share a common ground. Vector graphics and illustrations are used to produce them. For 2D, its more of custom designs and animations. e.g Tom and Jerry or the The Pink Panter.

On the other hand, whiteboard explainer videos are produced using pre-designed templates that comes with the video production software you purchase. You just only drag and drop the elements you need in the video based on the script you have.

2D animation projects pays well if the assignment at hand entails working on a TV show or a movie.

Potential Earnings on 2D Animation

One can earn up to $100k to work on a long form movie animation that may take almost a year to produce.

On the other hand, whiteboard explainer videos created using premade illustrations and templates don’t pay much but is highly on demand.

Earning Potential Doing Whiteboard Explainers

On average one gets paid a minimum of $100 to create a 1 minute whiteboard explainer video. You only need to produce 10 Minutes of animation to make $1000.

Software’s like Animaker, Vyond and Powtoon are popular for use in creating whiteboard explainer videos.

4. 3D Animations

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3D animation is one of the most demanding skill compared to other categories in video production. That’s why many video producers don’t like it much. In order to model a very smooth and good quality 3D animation video, you need a computer with high specs, time and a lot of RAM to render your animations.

That’s why it may cost up to $3000 to develop a 1 Minute high end 3D Animation.

If you have the right equipment’s and software to work on 3D animations, the potential to earn good money as an independent professional is high online.

Earning potential

$500-3000 per minute of a 3D animation.

5. Video Editing

With many individuals and businesses embracing Youtube as a way of marketing their businesses, there is a constant and growing demand for video editing services. Business minded individuals are looking for video editors to work on their YouTube content.

This means if you are a good video editor, you have the potential to earn good money editing videos.
The secret behind succeeding as a video editor is looking for many long term clients.

Earning Potential

If you charge $20/hour to edit a video and a client hires you to work for 10 hours a week, you make $200/week. In a month, you make $800 from one client.

If you are able to get clients who collectively pays you for 40 hours a week and offers to assign you work for a long term, you make good money. In a week you will be making $800 and $2400 a month.


Earning potential of any creative in the video production industry depends majorly on their aggressiveness, how well they communicate, their creativity and negotiation skills. If one is able to negotiate for a good pay, they will earn good money at the end.

And that is it from me here.

What other category of skill in video production can a creative make money with online?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Until next time, bye bye and take care.

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