Signing up as client on any Freelancing site is the first exciting step towards hiring your first Freelancer online. Anyone who has been hiring and collaborating with Freelancers online for longer than 2 years will tell you that the process is not as easy as it sounds.
One may argue that they are good at tech, but it’s more than tech because you are dealing with human beings. And if you don’t play along with them well, you will find yourself always distressed.

In this blog post, I share with you 6 common challenges every client goes through before hiring a Freelancer.

Identity Verification

Even though no one speaks about this, people hate to verify their identities. With more and more security measures being implemented in most of the Freelancing sites, you might be tempted to give up the moment you are asked to confirm your identity. The identity verification process may require you to scan and upload your National ID or passport. The reason for this request maybe so that the admin can verify that you are the real owner of the Credit card you are using to pay the freelancer you hire. Also for compliance with GDPR new rules. It is also used to eliminate users joining with plans of defrauding Freelancers.

Payment Method Verification Process

Someone may think you just enter your card number and your secret code and voila! you are set. But there is more to this process. You will be charged a small fee as part of verification. You will be required to go to your bank and read the amount from your statement then confirm with the freelancing site to be verified. This process usually takes 1-2 days depending on your bank. If you wanted to hire a freelancer ASAP, this process- which is mandatory may irritate you. You just need patience.

Posting Your First Job And Attracting the Right Freelancer

Posting a job is easy. You just put a title, choose a category, indicate the number of Freelancers you are looking to hire and you are ready to post. The first mistake that first time clients make is choosing the wrong category when they are posting their job. For instance, let’s say they are looking for a freelance video editor, but you post your job under ‘animation’ category. You will attract freelancers who are fond of working on animation jobs. While they may do the job well, they will charge you more than a freelancer who specializes in video editing. Animation costs more than video editing. To get good at hiring, regularly do job split test. i.e posting the same job on two different categories.

Temptation of Choosing the Lowest Bidder

Fact is, in every decision we make in business, we want to save money. Most new clients will jump into hiring the lowest bidder. However, it’s good to be cautious when making your decision while wanting to save money at the same time. This is what I mean here. Let’s say your budget was $1000 and one freelancer quotes $500 for the same job. Their profile is good and you are convinced. Now before you hire, know this, a freelancer who quotes $1,100 and explains the process in which he/she plans to complete the job is more qualified than a freelancer who just quotes $500 without backing up his/her proposal.

With a higher quote and a break down on the value you will get from the freelancer is a clear demonstration of professionalism. At the end, you will get more value for your money.

Dealing With Freelancers Disputes After Unsuccessful Hiring

Sometimes, Freelancers share a colorful portfolio. And based on that, you hire them. But, when they deliver their first work, you are very disappointed and when you express this to the freelancer, they disagree. You end the contract but the freelancer wants to be paid with the money deposited on escrow. And as result you get into a dispute. And whoever wins get paid.

If the freelancer has some evidence that he/she did the job, you may loose your money in the process. To avoid this, it’s good not to hire someone because they are cheap, but because they guarantee satisfaction and it’s clearly spelt in their cover letter.

Defining Working Terms With Freelancers in Different Timezones

If you are in +8(UTC) Timezone and you hire a Freelancer in +1(UTC) timezone, your working schedule will vary. One will have to work at night in order to cover up for the other. Unless you are flexible when it comes to time or the freelancer is willing to work on your timezone, one of you will not like it at the end. Some Freelancers -especially from Asia- will convince you that they will work on your timezone only to disappoint you at the end.

If the Freelancer is able to work independently with little or no supervision, that’s the best option. Such Freelancers are open minded and will not lie about their working hours.

These are the common challenges most new clients experience on their first days of hiring. Are you a client hiring Freelancers online? What are some of the challenges you experience? Share in the comments below.

That is it from me today.

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Until next time, bye bye and take care.

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