If you own a software, application, website, program then at some point you have created a screencast video tutorial to demonstrate to your users how your product works.

But over time, the style of presenting these screencast instructional videos have evolved. Marketers are now using more sophisticated presentation styles to win the confidence of their customers.

But this without proper preparation is a total waste of time and resources. At the end of the presentation, your target customers needs to be able to understand how your product works. To achieve this, the message has to be conveyed in the shortest time possible.

Over the years, I have found out that most instructional video tutorials fail to retain viewer attention because of the following reasons;

The presenter may have an accent that is not clearly understood by everyone.

On the other had, most presenters fail to use proper audio equipment in recording the videos thus the voice is distorted with lots of background noise.

This thus may result in boredom and may make your customer loose interest in watching the video besides not taking you serious.

Length of Your Video

Some presenters repeat themselves without knowing and end up with a long tutorial which if proper planning or scripting was done, the information could have been presented in half the time.

This is costly if you are dealing with high end customers who have less time to watch the video clip.

Screen Recording Quality

Good understanding on best recording and rendering settings is the key to producing a high resolution video.

Someone with no knowledge in video production may not know this and will end up producing low quality video.

It will take a professional video producer to record a high resolution screencast video.

Long Videos vs Short Videos That are SOE Friendly 

Everything you do must be duplicable especially if the tutorial being produced is to be published on YouTube.

It starts with scripting. If you take time to segment your software videos into sections, it will help you reach out to more new customers because you will have several videos posted online.

For instance ‘how to add a product to your site on (your website)‘ may get you ranking on YouTube or google.


Besides using the tutorial to support your existing customers, its crucial to consider branding it in order to market you company to new customers. Branding displays professionalism and will make new prospects to take you seriously.

There are many other things that if you consider when planning to produce a screencast video, will help you archive your expected results besides ranking high on the search engines.

Of-course I have mastered the art of producing screen-cast video tutorials. If you need professional help, you can request a quote for free here on simply contact me today.

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