Does delivering your freelance services faster than the others means more work and more pay? My answer is no. But again It depends. In some occasions, yes. But if you are thinking of offering this in a long term, it’s not sustainable. I am saying this based on my personal experience.

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When I started Freelancing, I gave outrageous promises so as to get as many jobs as I could. I was very ambitious. This does not mean that I was not delivering to my promise, but the consequences of me doing so has costed me several years of wasted time and energy.

In this blog post , I will share you with 3 long term damaging consequences of offering fast delivery services at a fraction of the price. Many people do this with the hope of making more money only to end up in a freelancing rat race.


Fatigue is a term used to describe an overall feeling of tiredness or lack of energy. Here is a case scenario of fatigue in Freelancing. Lets say you send 5 bids, and you get hired for all of them. The clients motivation behind hiring you is faster delivery at a fraction of the price.

If the normal delivery time for the project is 3 days and you are doing it in a record time of one day for the same quality, you will have to work day and night so as to deliver.

While it’s possible to hire other freelancers and subcontract some projects to them, the main question will they be able to meet your standards? Are you making a profit even after sub contracting the project? How much are you paying them out of your negotiated price? When all this is combined, you will always be anxious and fatigued.

And what happens when you are fatigued? You have no motivation and no energy. You become a loser but you don’t want to admit. If you are not careful you will be dealing with dispute after dispute because of failure to deliver assignments on time or failure to meet the standards required by the client.

No time for Yourself

You will not see this until you realize that you can never get enough of the money you want even if you are hired and assigned a hundred similar jobs at the same price.

By the time this awareness hits, you will be years deep on the rabbit hole. On the other hand, if you are not careful, your relationships with friends and family will be fully disintegrated. You will start building them again from square one.

While this experience will prepare you to be an entrepreneur, you will never recover lost time and stress trying to overdeliver.

Poor Diet

When you are fatigued, your appetite is lost. It’s even worse when you are living alone and you are busy working. It means you don’t have time to go out and do some shopping. On the other hand, you can’t afford to pay someone to do shopping for you because you want to save money. I mean your motivation is money.

When this two are combined, your health becomes the last priority. You eat just to satisfy your hunger which is very dangerous in a long term if you are eating the wrong food.

It becomes even worse if you don’t exercise. If you want to make more money, invest in good diet.


You can only make as much money as you want if you are reasonable in your freelancing work. Don’t take actions or make decisions based on greed or desperation. Offer todo a job because you want to add value. When this is the motivation behind what you do, you will not rush.

And when you don’t rush, you will deliver the best. At the end, high value jobs will follow you instead of following them and it be upon you to set the terms of engagement.

Do you think offering fast delivery on your freelancing services will make you rich? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Until next time, bye bye and take care. Follow me on twitter @cheptiony

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