In this blogpost, I will share my top tips to guiding newbie clients wanting to hire you online for the first time and are new to the skill they want to hire you for.

This guide is ideal for both freelancers and entrepreneurs who own and run their businesses online. Here is what you need to understand when a prospect contacts you for the first time.

Know You Are The Authority

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By the time the prospect reaches out to you, they have done their own research and are in the process of evaluation. They believe you have the skills they need for their project. On the other hand, they are ready to give your services a try, hoping for the best. This means that you have all the power to make it happen.

Act like the authority the prospect expects. Listen to what they want accomplished. Most clients are very clear on what they want by the time they reach out to you. Listening is very important. This way, you will be able to collect all the necessary information to help you guide them on how to go about it and achieve the desired results.

Ask Them Relevant Questions

If on listening to them you don’t clearly understand their needs, ask them relevant questions.

Wrong question : I don’t understand you well. Please explain more..

Right Question: What do you aim to achieve with this video project (if it was a video)? You can explain more and tell them why its important to align the end goal to their requirements. Mention this is important to you as a creator. E.g Say it will help me fine tune the script well for the video.

While asking questions, be specific. Ask the things you don’t understand. If there is information you need them to provide in order for you to complete the project, mention it.

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Give Them A List of What You will Need

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Don’t assume the client knows what you will need. Before proceeding to discuss the budget, be clear on the requirements. List them down and have the prospect confirm what they will provide. In video production for example, script, voice over, sub tittles, video editing, video assets are the key requirements. The client might be ready to provide some of them. Prioritize this and let it come before budget so that everyone knows what they will be required to provide.

Budget Matters

Prospects differ. There are those who have a fixed budget for the project, and there are those who are dependent on you to give them a quote.

In an occasion where the client is working on a fixed budget, match it with their requirements and see if their allocation is enough for the project. e.g If their budget is $500 and the cost of production is within the $500 budget, confirm to the that the allocation is enough. If the project costs is more than their budget, give them an alternative quotation with a breakdown to show them why it will cost them more.

If they insist on you working within their budget, outline to them what they will lose in the process. e.g They will get the project completed in 15 days as opposed to 7 days.

Let Them Willingly Commit

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Having them to willingly commit and award you the contract is end goal of all this process. Play your part well and let them make that decision themselves without you pushing them to do so. If you are able to walk them well all through to the budget stage, you are good. They like you. Give them time to do their evaluation before they commit.


Walking a client through your workflow process is best way to market your business or skills. Be professional and do it well. Don’t underestimate a prospect. Most of those prospects you think they are not good enough may in turn be the best clients you ever met.

I hope this blogpost was helpful to you.

Do you think its worth guiding a new prospect on your workflow process? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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And until next time, bye bye and take care.

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