Every client would love to work with an expert  in wherever field they need help. The catch is; it comes with a price, and not everyone is willing to pay it. The same case applies to finding a professional screen-cast video editor or a producer. If you are scouting for one, please read the following article to the end before you decide on who to go with.

Here are 3 main things a professional screen-cast video producer should request from you(client) before  starting.

Note: Most these items can be provided by the editor or producer based on the agreement you have with him.

A Pro Will Request For a Script 

This is besides the signed a NDA that comes first. A professional screencast video producer uses a written script or an outline provided by the client to produce the video. There are many reasons as to why I recommend this. One is because, video scripting cuts the presentation time by half.

One is able to save time by focusing on the most important features or sections of a software or a website and probably break down the presentation into sections where viewer can choose to watch a section they would want only.

Recommend a Professional Quality Voice Over  

Voice over is very crucial as it explains whats is happening on the screen. Some video editors are native english speakers and can do the presentations easily in a flawless manner. But this will not be appealing if professional quality equipment is not used in recording the voice over thus its important to consider hiring a professional voice over to record your script. Professional screencast video producers can source this on your behalf.

Delivery Timelines 

Any professional screencast video producer is able to advise you on how long it will take to deliver your video. This will be determined by who provides the script, the expected video duration and whether the script at hand needs a professional voice or not. Usually a 2-5 Minutes video tutorial takes 1-2 days to complete and deliver.

As a client, you must know from the onset the quality of video you expect from the video producer you hire. This way, you will know if the editor is able to delivering the same. Video quality ranges from HD, FHD(Full HD) and UHD 2k,4k (Ultra HD).

And that’s it. If you are able to get answers to these things upfront from the editor/producer, you are good to proceed to the next stage of hiring him/her to produce your video tutorial(s).

Of-course, you must understand each other clearly when communicating in order to save time and speed up the process of production. Since business is all about building relationships, it is important to work with someone you can freely contact in times of need without a second thought.

That is what I guarantee. If you need professional help on video, let me know by contacting me here.

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Till next time, bye bye and take care.

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