Video- How To File Company Annual Returns on Business Registration Portal Online

Video Transcript

In this video Tutorial, I am going to show you how to file Company Annual Returns on Business Registration Service portal (BRS). Stay tuned.

To file your company’s annual returns, go to and login with your ecitizen account details.

On your eBusiness dashboard here, to right of the business that you want to file returns for, click on view.

On the new window click on maintain company on the top right. This new page will open. On this menu to the left, click on annual returns.

The years that you have not filed the returns will display to the right under business details. Choose the and download the file that you will need to fill in order to file the returns.

Mine is empty because this account is for a new company that was formed recently. Once you have completed filling in your returns, upload the file and click submit returns.

And that is it on how to file company annual returns on BRS portal. I hope you found this video helpful.

Until next time bye bye and take care.

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