Video- How to Speed Up a Computer or Laptop That Slows Down When Connected to Internet

In this video tutorial I am going to show you how speed up a computer or a laptop that slows down when connected to internet.

There are several reasons why a computer or laptop slows down when connected to internet. One of them is due to windows update. Another common reason is because of startup apps. So where do you start in order to fix your computer speed?

Start By Checking Startup Apps

This is the best place to start especially if your computer slows down when starting up. This is usually caused by apps you have installed in your computer trying to connect to their servers and check for updates. This applies to all apps including the ones that you have cracked or downloaded and installed from torrent sites.

You will need to disable all these apps on start up. To do this go to start and type ‘task manager’ on the search bar. Alternatively, right click on the task bar below your windows and select task manager. On the window that opens click on startup tab. Here you will be able to see all the apps that opens when you start your computer. If you see an app that you rarely use but has high startup impact, right click on it and select disable on the drop down.

Disable all apps that you know will not affect the operating system on startup. When you do this, you computer startup time will decrease tremedously owing to the changes.

Also, the apps disabled will stop running on the background when there are not in use. If this doesent work, you can check the following step.

Check If Your Windows is Updating

All windows usually detect internet connection and attempt to update the operating system. This is done on the background. Your computer or laptop will slow down depending on the number of files being updated.

To check if this is what is causing your computer to slow down, go to start and search for ‘check for updates.’ Click on it to open. This window will open where you will see all ongoing windows update.

If this is consuming your mobile data or is slowing your internet speed, you can pause it till you finish what you were doing first then enable it again.
Windows updates are necessary for security purposes.  If your computer is still slow after taking the actions above, try reviewing all the files you downloaded via torrents and unistall them. Most of them run on the background.

To unistall unecessary software from your computer, go to start, and search for apps & features and click on it. From here, you can see all the apps installed in your computer. Click on the one that you do not recognize to select and click on unistall.  

Not all files downloaded via torrent sites are good. Most of them come with virus of which the moment your connect to internet, it starts downloading and installing other softwares to your computer.

I hope you found the video helpful.

Until next time, bye bye and take care.

My name is Cheptiony Mutai. Follow me on X @cheptiony.

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