Freelancing sites are perfect avenues to work in when you have clients who give you recurrent tasks and pays you well for the services you offer to them.

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But have you ever asked yourself where you will be if the freelancing platform you are in collapses today?

Freelancing website platforms have a way of holding unto freelancers and keeping them in their comfort zone. I mean thats what they have to do in order to remain afloat in business.

Many great entrepreneurs lose the vision they had of setting and running a successful online business the moment they start getting freelancing clients.

One slowly starts allocating more of their time to freelancing and before they know, their drive to own an online business dies.

So how do you know that your dream of owning a business is dying as a freelancer?

Keep reading as that is what I will be discussing on this blogpost.

Tell Tell Signs You Taken Away By The Freelancing Platforms

#1 All Your Current Clients Are On A Freelance Platform

Unlike any other job, freelancing is the quickest path to owning a business. This is because you have the freedom to plan your time.

This is unlike 9-5 job where you depend on someone else to make decision for you. So if you only have clients you met on a freelancing platform, then you are loosing it.

#2 You Always Talk About The Freelancing Platform

An entrepreneur should always market his business whenever he or she gets a chance. A freelacing platform is business like yours and has a mechanism of marketing itself. You too should spend more time marketing and telling people about your business instead.

If you are currently doing the opposite, the

#3 You Are Signing Up On More Freelancing Platforms

Thats what will motivate one to take such action by signing up on more platforms in order to tap on more clients. What they forget is, the clients they find there is not their own clients, its the freelancing platforms clients.

The freelancing platform can decide to suspend their accounts anytime on the platform. If you are currently working on more than 2 freelancing platforms and you are an entrepreneur, stop and think, because you are loosing a lot.

#4 You Are Doing Everything Yourself

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Freelancing limits you to doing the job yourself. If you try to have someone do the work, you make losses because the pay is not enough.

Dont let freelancing take everything from you. If the earnings from freelancing is the one that fuels your business, then dont accept many jobs.

Be always open to invest in a team even if it means training them on the skills you have. Write ‘

#5 You Are Always Complaining of Low Paying Clients

Lets face it, in every 3 job postings on a freelancing platform, 2 are paying very poorly. Complaining on different online forums wont change this, as its mostly up to freelancers to apply on not to.

Always ask yourself instead is, where can I find well paying clients? Once you find an answer, go out and look for them. Don’t limit yourself to one place.

#6 Successful Freelancers Hype

Whoever said there is no free lunch was right. Take the motivation and and if you want, buy the course but never let it blind you from going for your dream business. While in all this hulabaloo, remind yourself that you have a business to market.

Dangers of Putting All Your Efforts/Mind/
Focus On a Freelancing Platform

  • Competion becomes fiecer everyday as more freelancers join a platform.
  • The freelancing site can suspend your account anytime they want and you have nothing to say.
  • The clients you meet on a freelancing platform are not your clients. You are not allowed to share contacts and communicate with them directly on e-mail or you will be violating the terms of the platform.
  • Freelancing platforms algorithms can eliminate you without your knowledge. I have been a client there and have seen many applications being hidden. Application being hidden is like an e-mail being marked as spam. So put yourself in that shoe and think.
  • Being in many freelancing sites doesen’t necessarily mean you will be successful. Some clients post same job in 3-4 freelancing sites in order to find the lowest bidding freelancer. And you can know this if you are a freelancer on all those sites. That means they might hire someone in the site you are not in.
  • You might end up leading a lonely life. The jobs you get does not pay enough for you to outsource and build a business. If you work from home, you will find yourself so tied up on the jobs you have and detatched from the outside world. Lonely life is the worst thing one would want live especially in the African setting in the name of wanting to become rich Freelancing.
  • With the growing number of freelancers joining the freelancing platforms and number of clients hiring through the platforms shrinking, its becoming hard to succeed freelancing and becoming rich than it was before.


All freelancers have high potential of becoming sucessful in businesss. If your original dream was to become a sucessful entrepreneur, stick to it.

Dont be carried away by freelancing platforms which offer you quick connection to clients by just setting up a profile. Aim for sky. The sky is the limit. Within no time, you will have found those high paying clients.

And thats it from me here.

What’s making you hold unto a freelancing platform and forget about your business? Let me know in the comments section below.

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Until next time, bye bye and take care. Follow me on twitter @cheptiony.

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