Sending out new bids everyday via the freelancing site of your choice is boring and sometimes costly when you either pick the wrong job posts or use generic cover letters. It becomes even worse when you have done everything right but still don’t get any response.

Summary in Video

In the year 2019, there was a very popular party goers anthem in Kenya by a Ugandan artist- BigTril-called Parte after Parte. The chorus to the song is very easy to master irrespective of how drunk someone is.

On top of that, its an easy one to refer to when talking about anything fun.

Like Parte after Parte, is freelancing- bidding after bidding?

Most Freelancers who have been in the business for 5 years or more will tell you that bidding as a way of acquiring new clients is no longer exciting to them unless they are invited by the client to bid on a project.

I am talking of long term freelancers with top rating status and raving 5 star reviews from their past clients.

Does this mean that they have enough jobs at their hand for them to apply for new work?

And if they do, why are they interested in getting new clients anyway?

There is never enough jobs for any Freelancer with a progressive mindset. As you build your portfolio as a freelancer, you tend to look for premium projects that challenges your creativity and innovation.

Before I delve into this, I will like to unearth the myths surrounding Top rating status and 5 star reviews that one gets after completing any given assignment.

MYTH NO. 1- When One is Top Rated, They Are Guaranteed to Get New Work

This is not true. The status only gives you a good standing on the freelancing platform and the chances of being recommended by the freelancing site you are in is high. Also, you don’t have to explain yourself very much when negotiating for a contract.

MYTH NO. 2: Clients Will Hire You Without Interviewing

It depends on which freelancing site you work on. Let me talk about Upwork. Clients come to the platform with various requirements and budgets. Before deciding to hire, they have to first discuss and agree with the freelancer on what they need. Sometimes, a top rated freelancer has everything that a client wants but will not be hired. Why? because their rates are high.

So, does this mean you have to continue to regularly bid until you succeed?

Yes. But have a different approach.

Narrow Down Your Skills Using The 80/20 Principle

More experience means more knowledge on what the market demands. Focus on sending bids to projects that requires the skills you have perfected and pays well. For example in video production, I have learnt overtime that I am good at Screencast Video Production. This is the area I have perfected my skills on. Also, I have invested a lot of income in purchasing software’s that makes it easy for me deliver the best quality of screencast videos.

Mold Your Patience

Its easy to give up on freelancing considering that sometimes one can go for a month or so without work. If you know your worth, you must start cultivating your patience. It will take time to convert a high value client. In most occasions, they are not in hurry to hire. They take calculated risks before hiring you.

There’s more to bidding as your freelancing experience grows. What other ways do you approach bidding to break the monotony of bidding after bidding?

Please share your feedback on the comments below.

And if you need help to create and produce professional screencast videos and other kinds of videos, please request a quote here.

Until next time, bye bye and take care.

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