On April 27th 2021, the president of the Republic of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta launched National Land Information Management System Ardhisasa. Ardhisasa is an online platform that allows Citizens, stakeholders and interested parties to interact with land information held and processes undertaken by Government.

Ardhisasa Website

Whenever someone wants to buy a land in Kenya, the first step they are advised to take is to conduct a search with the ministry of lands and ascertain the real owner of the property in which they want to purchase. This step is critical and if a buyer skips it, they might end up buying a land that is already in dispute or not for sale.

Ardhisasa platform aims at addressing this and other land questions in Kenya. Through the information that users will access on Ardhisasa, they are able to make an informed decision and avoid being defrauded by unscrupulous land cartels.

In this blogpost, I will shed a light on land cases in Kenya as well as review National Land Information Management System- Ardhisasa.

Land Cases in Kenya

In the past years, more and more land cases has been recorded in the Kenyan courts. In a recent report by the standard newspaper, at least 70 per cent of land cases in the country are still pending in Nairobi.

That’s based on a statement by Chief Justice Martha Koome . She says Environment and Lands Court (ELC) has 13,500 pending cases with Nairobi leading with 9,500. 

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Furthermore, to illustrate how land is critical to Kenyans, she said at least 60 per cent of cases filed in courts are land-related. It’s for these and many other reasons that Ardhisasa was launched.

Accessing Ardhisasa Portal

To access National Land Information Management System Ardhisasa, open your browser and go to ardhisasa.lands.go.ke. You will get to the landing page. The site is pretty neat and straight forward.

On top of the landing page, you can see the four main things you can do on the site. These are Search and Transfer property, order a plan and order a tittle. Below that you can read and understand what Ardhisasa does.

Ardhisasa Features

When you scroll down a little, you can see additional services you can access. The services are organized in seven different categories namely land registration, land administration, physical planning, survey and mapping, valuation, adjudication and settlement and national land commission.

One has to click on the category they want in order to see what’s inside. For example, when you click on land registration, you will see the services included in there.

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Communication And Support

In occasions where a user is stuck, they have several ways that one can find help. The first one which many website users rarely try is the visiting the FAQ’s page. You can access this page, using the menu link on top of the site or FAQ’s link on the site footer under quick links.


The second and most convenient way is to call Ardhisasa support team using the phone contacts below the site. And lastly, you can chat live with the support by clicking on the bubble icon below. I have tried and it’s functioning.

Signing in to Ardhisasa

To access any of the services listed above, you are required to sign in. First time users will be required to sign up using their National ID number. The sign process is very secure. To keep users protected, the sign process will require you to key in your ID number, phone number and e-mail for 2 Factor authentication and lastly set a password.

Sign Up Process

The sign up steps falls among the best practices of securing users accounts and their private data. You will be logged in once you follow these steps of registration.

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Ardhisasa User Dashboard

This is how the dashboard looks like once you are logged in to the system. Services are placed in categories as seen earlier on the website landing page. To the left of your account are user menu items.

Ardhisasa Dashboard

These are services, properties, appointments, tickets, notifications and accounts. For a new user, the most useful menu item is the services. The other items will come in handy as needed as you continue interacting with the system.

I will demonstrate to you one of the popular service feature of Property search, but before I do, I will want to shed a light on how land cases end up in court in kenya.

How Land Cases Come Into Light

This question is answered well on the Kenyan CID on website. In a nutshell, Land fraud cases are formally reported to the Public Complaints Office.

The complainant is advised accordingly and if the complaint warrants investigations, the complainant is referred to the land fraud unit with a referral form. The Unit takes up the case appropriate cause of action.

CID on Land Cases in Kenya

You can learn more about the kind cases that they investigate on the CID website page here.

Now lets get back to the Ardhisasa website and try to conduct a search.

To do this, click on services and select search. You will see that you are required to complete your profile in order to start searching. As I mentioned earlier, land is a sensitive issue in Kenya, and before any information is shared with the users, they must first provide more details of themselves and prove of who they are.

Additional Information required to conduct a search on Ardhisasa

Additional information include uploading a passport size photo, adding security questions, adding signature and uploading copies of your National identification.

Once you have supplied these information, you will be in a position to conduct a search on a property.

I will not show how to do these, but am sure at this point you have a clue of the services that National Land Management System, Ardhisasa provides as well as how to navigate through the site. It’s not very complicated.

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If you are in the process of acquiring a land, I highly will recommend you to utilize this resource in conducting your search. This is the future of land management in Kenya.

There is a lot you will learn by using the system.

As I conclude, I will like to know your thoughts. Have you used the Ardhisasa portal to access any of the land services? How was your experience like?:😑

Let me know in the comments section below.

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Until next time, bye bye and take care.

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